Are You Playing Loose Enough - NL25 Zoom Review

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  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Our LAG style expert reviews a session of one of our users who played on NL25 Zoom. Enjoy!


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Comments (7)

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  • sutiplay


    just one comment, you identify all players which do not have full stack as fish. I think this is not true there are many people playing mid-stack strategies being really winners almost up to NL200
  • asimos


    #1 I think in zoom this isn't the case after new stars rules
  • LeSavant


    LAG strategy videos on pokerstrategy, I've dreamt of that 10 years ago when TAG was the only way to go but I always thought there's a lot of potential in it.
  • AutystycznyAndrzej


    LOL@10:00 with As5s when you assume that villain will check twice with strong Ax/two pairs/set/flush, basically everything better. :D
  • asimos


    #4 was referring to his river calling range. When he checks 2ice I agree that in general he is weak, but this 1) this doesn't mean that he is going to call enough of the times 2 barrels with worse 2) this doesn't mean that we should exclude strong holdings from his range cause some % of the time he will slow play
  • Serraxy


    your english sucks
  • Noname81


    Great video. Found it extremely easy to follow and understand im in my second viewing now