Mind Readers - Improve Your Hand Reading Skills (1)

  • Recorded coachings
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
  • Shorthanded
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LemOn36 started with a new series of coachings, called "Mind Readers". It is all about reading into the souls of our opponents and working on defining their ranges. This series is connected to a very interesting promotion. Find out more by clicking here.


Beginner Equilab hand reading hands mind reading Ranges read

Comments (12)

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  • OlgaTse


    its really good
  • dinorog


    its really good
  • Niknam2014


    good play
  • msnek


    Beginning is too chaotic and not that much funny. But thats maybe just me.
  • msnek


    And the quality of the stream (delay between video and sound) sucks quite a lot too :(
  • LemOn36


    Thank you very much for taking your time to respond msnek!

    We did have technical downswing in the first 30 minutes of this one that thankfully the guys in chat pointed out. Unlike me, who was on a heater (literally. A flu started the day of the coaching) so it's possible clarity was lost at times.

    But I sure hope you will enjoy the next one that was smooth again, and join us live or even start guessing in the contest!
  • homeplayer87


    its the best i love it
  • SDProSV


  • weisserriese16


  • Spoonwood


    Good play
  • ibrahimbhuiya01


    That was really well played, I must say. Will surely try taking help from this.
  • 2phil4u


    A2s in the first hand or QQ.