Introduction To Satellites For Midstakes Tournaments

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Satellites 101 - Our coach Luke is covering all the important fundamentals on how to approach satellites, especially the ICM aspects of them.


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  • SPNB7771


    This Hold-em Manager software looks pretty complicated. However, I can see the value in having something like this to take my game analytics to a much higher level. I've been playing live cash games($1/$2NL) with some success. I have yet to try and start building an online bankroll, and am wary of buying this kind of software. Poker stars has changed their rules in regard to utilizing software to help players put others on ranges. Great video, wish I could understand it better though. I imagine some practice with it would clear up my confusion, once I had some practice using the software.
  • LuckyLukePS


    This is Holdem Resources Calculator, not Holdem Manager. It's permitted by Stars for use while NOT playing, not whilst playing. But it auto-closes if you try to open it with Stars client open, so it's a non-issue.
  • SiL94


    hm, nice and need:)
  • elo3200


    great video