Through The Limits with Kris - NL2 to NL50 in 40 minutes

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $50
  • Shorthanded
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Kris will show you how to beat microstakes, just like he beat them in his challenge, where he went from $80 to $1,000 in 40,000 hands!


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  • keanepham84


    why play in pokerstars? another site?
  • starter01


    Not bad :)


  • krisz12


  • zimi98


  • JackPot11


  • KrisRukov


    Thank you folks :) hopefully i will produce interesting content in the future
  • Dadozvijer21


    very nice
  • do559


  • veganstyle


    nice one ;)
  • coldchurch


    Why no HUD?
  • AchendoR


    Amazing!Good job!
  • alex7644


  • randomdonk


  • InfernaLMachinE


    Thank you folks :) hopefully i will produce interesting content in the future
  • iwca123


  • SiKWiThIt


    Good Video!

    Hero: Cool .... (fold) had me laughing xD
  • mcarrillo89


    KrisRukov whats your bankroll management in zoom poker?

    Great video
  • KrisRukov


    @mcarrillo89 , in the challenge i took a quite an aggressive BRM but i recommend to use BRM that is comfortable for you personally.
    In my future videos i will tell you what is my favorite formula for BRM but for now try not to have less than 30 buy-ins
    Thank you :)
  • Mantelo


    Congratulations on the 1st video! Should watch every player who wants to climb the stakes.
  • MartinKalev


    Kris is N1
  • shopix


    :) Good job bro
  • KrisRukov


    @Keanepham84 , sorry for the delay in my answer. I don`t think the web site i play at ( or you play at ) matters that much. I picked PS because i know (1) there is always traffic there, (2) it is the most popular site, (3) it has zoom tables and (4) it has run it twice. those are just a few reasons on top of my head.
  • AdamLaw33


    Very Nice Kris. thanks bwud
  • Sym30n


    Well Done. Nice Vid
  • Thunderlight


    Totally impossible to follow, to much info at the same time!
  • ajs33


    Hello KrisRukov, I like your 1st video and I just watched till nl5 but I noticed that you have a narrow cold calling range in nl2/5. It's a coincidence or part of your strategy at all?