NL $10 FR Session Review

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  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Fullring
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  • voegelator


  • x3mwisp


    nice video still 33.00 AKo on 2h 5h 7c better not cbet i think
  • benedeklevi


    wow, i like this video very much. Thank you!


    kqo bluff bet too small 1.50 in 5.25 pot .....
  • Amelie19


    very nice video, thank you!
  • Dinde


    Very good video.
  • cooltree123


    Could someone explain why check-raising a set on the flop is a good play normally please. Thanks
  • VitorNutzz


    very nice video!!
  • koepkla


  • woopstash


    Awesome video. You speak better English than most people here in Canada so great job. Very good explanations.

    @cooltree: check raising the flop (when you were not the preflop raiser) with a set is normally good because in most cases, you can expect the player with initiative to make a continuation bet. This way, you know you will at least get some money out of your strong made hand, and can raise to hopefully get your whole stack in
  • BlackHawkEU


    Great video!
    You manage to use this client with PokerStrategy on partypoker? Is it a special client? Or how do you manage to do that? By loading the hands in something after? I am new and it may sound stupid to ask this, but I like this client more than most I used on all sites I played until now, including Full Tilt. I wish I could use it myself.
  • 31jarod31


    good video,
  • Theod0rus


    why did u call carsten with 66 from bb and not call the hungarian guy with TT a couple of hands before?
  • wildfool


    I dont want to rewatch the video to make sure, but i think it was due to their stack size.
  • faceofdead


    I would slow play some situations , but who cares xD
  • kadilak


    cool movie!!
  • bartdejong


  • PokerFaggot


    you call this instructional?? you had a pocket pair/ made trips on the flop/ had AK/ had two big over cards/ had connectors almost every hand! oh ya thanks now i'll know how to play when i get AK every hand thanks
  • PokerFaggot


    i mean its a complete disgrace. you go and actually go to a poker table and you have to wait 30 hands for anything he's getting every hand
  • Erevos


    LOL PokerFaggot, go home, you 're drunk :P
    Does anybody know if we can get this pokerstrategy table theme?
  • split1979


    Bom video....
  • bullmfb


    Great video! 5*