Play Loose, Win Big - Attacking From The Small Blind In Practice

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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You already know the theory behind asimos' loose strategy from the small blind. Now it's time for real time examples. Enjoy!


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Comments (7)

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  • xXEngPokerXx


    Video very productive, and well explained! Congratulations!
  • Tzevtkoff


    Thx Asimos.
  • qqmeni


    Very good video. We can learn from it a lot! Thank you very much for posting it!
  • croo633


    Nice video, thanks man! :D
  • khmgw


    qqmeni how come that you learned a lot from watching only a 4min excerpt of the whole video? In this 4mins Asimons explained in a 2min prologue how he is going to check, since Ace high is the best hand to have at the moment he was playing. The excerpt ends, when he is about to reraise his opponent on the flop, stating that he is doing so, because Ace high justifys this. I learned a lot. Not.

    Thanks for letting me watch these kind of videos PS, since you aren't letting your coaches produce videos for bronze, our section is totally empty, forcing us to watch these short videos, however, I'm glad I watched this, now I know that I not only don't want silver status, watching these videos makes my IQ go down.
  • imgoingtomirage


    We don't produce videos for Bronze, that's true, because we release them absolutely for free so people like you can still watch them :) If you look only at the actual main video page, you will find a lot of free content and you can find even more by using search option.
  • JoazinhoCroCop


    A7ss x/MR 3bp on 998r

    "You need to have reads"

    Not really sure how to have read on guy with 70 hands. I assume reads here are population tendencies?