RukovGrind @ Bankroll Challenge - Cbets for the win!

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $5
  • Shorthanded
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Grinding from $100 to $1.000 - this is the goal of KrisRukov and his RukovGrind challenge. In the first episode Kris is focussing on a leak he spotted: opponents are folding to cbets way too often!


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  • Bew4reOfn4p


    min 15 AA
  • taschendamenfalter


  • FlorinCatana


    min15, Q8 hand, I guess he has 98/53 diamonds
  • KrisRukov


    I didn't want to say it in the video but I will give 1 hour free coaching for the person who guess the correct holding ( or maybe someone already have )
  • KrisRukov


    @FlorinCatana pick only 1 hand please :)
  • pkrrrr


    67... but too late...
  • M1rCea


    1:20 'People actually fold quite a lot here' *folds T7s BB vs BU 2.5x raise*
  • Catonthemat


    A7o. Really liked the video, for someone starting out would you suggest normal tables or zoom? I am seeing a lot of people saying they play zoom in blogs, but not sure if that would be good for me as just starting out?
  • samni


  • KrisRukov


    @M1rCea, yup. I`m not sure what your calling range is but mine doesn`t include defend w/ T7s OOP in general ( of course this may change depending on the player ).
    Don`t draw a conclusion and/or cherry pick 1 example.
    As i explain, my approach is not in the "calling game" , but rather in the "betting game" ( being the aggressor ).
    Come by my blog and drop a line i`ll be happy do discuss a spot or two with you guys :)
  • KrisRukov


    To be fair i checked my database and it seems that i`m not folding T7s 100% of the time. I have some defends with it vs BTN and CO but it is definitely a hand that is not a clear-cut defend.
    Thank you @M1rCea for noticing that. Keep in mind playing and recording is one bit more difficult than just playing.
  • coldchurch


    Why no HUD?
  • corsc


    Thanks for the video. Looking forward to the future ones
  • Gaooo


    min 15 AA
  • Pokerruudje


    min 15 1010 of JJ
  • lowiji


    min 15, K5 having some fun
  • KrisRukov


    @coldchurch - i`ll explain in episode 2 ;)
  • mcashraf


    nice vid, thanks!
  • Barabantul


    min 15AA
  • taniobg


    Min 15. I think he have 66 or 77. First preflop limp early ( I think he play set mining ) , flop he have monster and min raise -> show monster hand. Turn play 1bb , really amateur play.
  • shopix


    Very good video keep it up !
  • 1Wishes1


  • KrisRukov


    The answer is in my new video episode 2 :
  • KostasTech


    Really Nice Video, it really have helped me !!!
  • LordRonin


    Great explanation and great series. Really like it, thanks coach.