RukovGrind @ Bankroll Challenge - Time to move up!

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5 - $10
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach KrisRukov is in his second week of the bankroll challenge - and already moving up. How did he do it? What are the secrets of his game? Enjoy watching!


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  • revengezhen


    good job man
  • KrisRukov


    Sadly , no o e guess the "mystery hand" from episode 1

    #revengezhen thanks buddy :)
  • sosochelo


    It was interesting for me too
  • dorsyflex


    nice vid, ty for it...but you could show some stats by positions or something like this to let us see what was your winning strategy and maybe make some points of limit trends you realized...
  • coldchurch


    1. Open bigger with monsters OOP (AKs)
    2. 3bet smaller in pos (106s)
    3. Raise bigger for value in multiway pot (set 33)
    4. Open good hands bigger than 2,5bb in ep for value.

    You're welcome!
  • KrisRukov


    @dorsyflex - will do !
    @coldchirch - notes taken , thank you :)
  • pokerpowl


    In min 6:20 you said that you gonna save that hand in order to know that he limps 77.
    I use also HM2. How does it work in future game? When you play again against him, does the Hud shows you saved hands about him?
    Maybe I misunderstood this!?
    Please eyplain what do you mean with that.
  • pokerpowl


    I am pure MTT player since years but wanted to start with CG because you are more flexibel with time management and so on.
    So I start from the micros and your videos are really nice for CG beginnners like me.
    Will there be a video every week?
  • pokerpowl


    One question to your BRM. Your BR is about 125$ and you play NL5. If you loose a stack and your BR is 120$ do you sitch to NL2 again?
  • KrisRukov


    @Pokerpowl , hey bro i will make a video showing how to use it. Just follow my blog and i`ll post it there. It will be a youtube video answering questions that you asked me guys.
    By default the HM doesn`t save hands with shortcut buttons, you have to make it do that. Also saved hands are into your database and next time you play with tht player it doesn`t show you you have a hand with him but if you added a note on him it does ( and you saved the hand so you can add a note )
    BRM - no , if i lose a stack and i have 120$ i won`t go down. I`ll move down if my BR reaches 100$ ( 20 buy-ins for the current level i`m playing ) and i`ll move back up when i reach 25 buy-ins for the next level
  • daniliano


    Hey Kris what's up? Can you make a video where you focus on the play from BU,SB and BB? I have been playing a while 6max micro stakes and even though my winrate from the other positions is fine, i seem to lose it on the above positions, i am sure other micro players will have the same problems as mine. Thanks! Daniil
  • KrisRukov


    i`m thinking of making a video and post it here or youtube where i do a Q&A or why not a live boardcast sometimes. I`ll work on that and see what's gonna happen
  • Berlu823


    Thanks Bro nice video