$36 SNG Live Video by Unam and FES1337

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $33
  • Fullring
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FES1337 FullTilt Live Video

Comments (15)

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  • watcher123


    Good video good banter )
  • JVV


    Great video. Make more videso like this one.
  • LuborC


    Awesome video! Finally someone making a vid at Full Tilt. Also the concept of two people giving different opinions about every situation is great and frankly it's more fun, too.
  • freakyphil


    Agree with the comments above. Good fun watching this, and I'm looking forward to more videos in the same manner ;)
  • Tightisright


    nice vid, need more stuff on FT for this limit.
    Would have liked to see the table you played before the vid started.
    final HU BL: omg
  • ihufa


    loved it, more pls
  • tmfinger


    I like an idea with vids provided by two skilled players. Their disscusion was interesting. What I don't like is AJo first in fold in early stage from MP3 and 22 push as a chip leader with 5 ops
  • Schnitzelfisch


    unam's videos and coaching are just so much fun :).

    content-wise, it was a nice coaching as well :).
  • LtoC


    This video is really great. You should ask for french coaches to make one like this with you Unam, this would be interesting (our 2 coaches get a completely different style from each other)
  • looserbaby79


    i like this idea with two coaches and i really enjoy it
    28:40 i am pushing JQs from co for 14bb with deadmoney(limper) in pot i guess its even better like pushing next hand JK from MP

    45:50 pushing 22 MP far away from bubble when you push 2 hands before its close but i prefer to fold it

    once again thank you for this video

  • deco99


    very interestin vid :)
  • lessthanthreee


    haha i had lots of fun watching this video. keep it up guys :D
  • Tim64


    Brilliant to have comparison of views here. Good discussion on TT hand with no overs and whether 2nd barrel can work. Agree with others - more FT vids, please. ATM it's heavily weighted in favour of Party.
  • RiseandStrive


    brilliant.. that's the beauty... ;)
    more on FT would be nice...
  • Safemonk


    loved the commentary very funny! :)
    very intresting to