RukovGrind @ Bankroll Challenge - Exploitative Strategy

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $10
  • Shorthanded
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In this episode coach Kris Rukov continues to talk about exploitative strategy and gives tips about how to read your opponents!


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  • SensiMila

    #1 jest juz wyzsza matematyka :)
  • Atosz800528


  • fjms13101980


    Como principiante, se recomienda que tengas toda la información necesaria a mano. Vuelve a leer los siguientes artículos y descárgate las gráficas. También puedes imprimir toda la información.
  • DieRich


    good stuff
  • ancsi7


    Thenk you
  • briccius


    In the hand with 6s4s where you check-raise/broked the flop, your calculation was wrong. If you treat it as an all-in, the calculation should be 6.09/(6.09+6.09+7.97)=0.30
    (7.97 being the total pot after he "calls" your check-raise, 6.09 being the effective stack he can raise on top)
  • Chaco2017


  • KrisRukov


    @briccius thanks bro, i saw a few days later but it was already too late because the episode aired