NL $25 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

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  • darkonebg


    Very nice video! In contrast to some of the old ones, you've really opened your game and were moving quite a lot.
    I dont think such a video should be for silver or in NL25 in that matter, it has way too much advanced play that beginners shouldnt try.
  • Atoks


    Nice video, agree with darkonebg, but at the same time I have a lot of issues with 3Betting and facing 4Bets, so this video helped loads. Questions tho: 1.)would u still 3Bet the AQo from SB against TIGG3R on NL50?
    2.)Would u have 3Bet the AQo from the SB against a NL50 SH regular?
    3.) would u 3Bet and shove to a 4Bet with AKo from the SB in situations 1.) and 2.) ?

    Thanks for the vid and please if possible make more silver material for 3Bets and 4Bets preflop or reffer me to some material :P
  • darkonebg


    Hey, Just to reply to your questions, my answer would be yes to all 3.It really depends on the player, but against a standart TAG regular, AQ is a pretty good 3bet hand and AK is worth a shove over a reasonable 4bet.
  • Dragar


    I think AKo is dependant on UTG raise range. If is very TAGish from that position and then 4-bets your up against QQ+ or AK in some cases, although some players just call AK after 3-bet and don't 4-bet it.
    So in either case you behind against KK and AA, slightly behind against QQ and splitting with AK. I would consider folding AKo to UTG 4-bet if he is a tight player. Especially if 4-bet is not a big raise, but like a 2.5x raise or so.
  • sebmanx



    I do ot like a 4bt fold line in the scenario you described. Either he is so nitty against 3bets that one should 3bet him with any 2, or AKo is an easy call in that position. The call gives you a good, decepted hand with quite an equity edge against villain. This should be enough to profitably play him OOP.
  • LemOn36


    Is this Hasenbraten really?

    Hard to believe judging on the previous creations, a really good video!