In The Money With Samni - The Hot $5.5 Review (1)

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  • MTT
  • $5
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Welcome our new microstakes MTT coach Samni who for his debut prepared a review form a turbo tournament he shipped. Enjoy!


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Comments (23)

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  • tonypmm


    Samni's quality of presentation, especially the technical side of it (the screen layout), is much better than what I'd expect from a beginning coach! He's going to be a decent complement to LuckyLukePS. Well done!
  • kuku6868


  • JohnTheGreatest


    Tahnks, Samni! Good intro. Waiting for part II.
    And good luck at the tables!
  • zanihelli


  • Malendes


    Grats on the partnership with Pokerstrategy - great intro video, with really good explanations on why you do as you do :D
  • Mastegat


    Good video, thanks!
  • mariale1990


    Great video, thanks! Good explanation, this help a lot!
  • Mantelo


    Congrats on debut! Funny when you say "Opponent snap folds" while watching hand histories :))
  • Hustle604


    Great video! I recommend all begginers to join and learn this amazing game
  • DonnaMike


    thank you for this video
  • szugamiszcz


    wp bro
  • meizushnik


    Good luck you and have fun
  • criscj5


  • Guthans


    Great stuff! Really enjoyed that, make more please!

    At 33:50ish, any chance we limpalong here? Feels like it might be profitable with KTs IP vs your random micro openlimper?
  • Elihu19


    I like so much this video, i learn many thinks about poker that i really unnowk
  • arttuzulu


    yep those videos are good ! learned alot about it.
  • samni


    #16 I agree. There's definately reasons for raising or limping here. I'd prefer a isoraise though because you get more chances to pick up the pot postflop. Limping is definataly also profitable. I think all options have their merits.
    #10 Lol, was so much into the HH's I was thinking I watched a vid I guess :)

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone!
  • fabiobazoti


  • MrRivers


    great vid!! nice to watch..
    u guys know , when there is part2
  • Orochimaro


    Nice video
  • Zeezout


    Very clear, good explanation! Great job!

    Maybe next time you can enhance your stats a little, so they are readable on a smaller screen too?
  • Evaldino


    Good job, Samni!
  • ShovingLoose


    Looking forward to part 2 :)