SnG Special Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $2 - $6
  • Fullring
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Session Review special

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  • LuborC


    I need to know who won this! Can't wait for the next part!
  • PokerKhan


    very nice vid. Which limit is it where players are so damn tight
  • viewer88


    nice :D
  • roshandc


    An alrite vid but i think the teaching would be more effective with just one coach
  • viewer88


    amp up j0d4x sound a little bit for the next video plz, large volume difference between unam and him :)
  • 1wayman


    it was 5$ buyin i think, it was great to play against such good players.
    +++ experience for sure.
  • craguli


    great vid and i like the fact you've got both of you discussing rather than one person.
    Cant wait to see the next video either
  • allurchips


    i think unam needs a bi**ch slap about the jj hand i would always reraise on the flop because most ak kq hands are calling your flop reraise and then giving up on the turn.not much value in just calling,like the other guy said most ppl will call the flop reraise but not a bet on the turn.
  • kamojett


    I find it hard to follow the conversation with such a big difference in the volume of the hosts. The voice of the second instructor seems very far in the background.
  • frzl


    nice format. i think the sound was fine.
    unfortunately there weren´t THAT many interesting spots in the video and it´s kinda hard to watch 8 nits + markus playing a sng ^^.
    still nice video and i´m really looking forward to the second part :)
  • popefonske


    probably a useful video but the audio is just crappy. i can't understand a word y0d4x is saying or i have to put my speakers up at max.
  • Ymanz


    n1. :)
  • Mpincham


    nice to c how the normal hands are played, not just the good ones, wat is folded preflop so on and so forth
  • agelisgr


    so many pocket pairs folded preflop !!!
  • bogotm


    nice video... i want to ask how can I play a sit&go with u.. this is my email adress , i want very much to play and see after were i played rong and evaluate my game// i hope we will play one day ;) 10x and hope 4 more videos ;)
  • Sinnology


    Nice vid, but I find it very hard to follow your conversations.
    I also didint like you calling Markus names, he probabley was a lose,but his game wanst so bad ether.
    Going to see second part now :)
  • Squadda


  • Squadda


    lel :D my comment box was disabled, i am sory for that first post...

    I never saw a thighter Sng on that limit before :D Markus seemed to be a maniac in realation to the other players.:P i am glad to see the late phase of that sng.
    I liked your advanced thoughts btw.
  • And3street


    Thanks that you made this video for bronze members. I really like your comments to all hands. Hope in the future you will make more video's Special Session.