[Downgraded] Advanced Flop Betting in 2017 (1)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50 - $600
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How has the flop betting evolved in 2017 so far, and how to adjust to these changes? Our coach comes with help in the 1st part of his miniseries, that will be useful not only to No-Limit cash players, but also PLO enthusiasts. The status of this video has been downgraded as a part of our Christmas promotion: read more.


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  • Igor19810729


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    Very good and helpful video.
  • ibetucry


    If the second video is downgraded as well, I'm buying the silver just for this series.
  • Ciwakert962


  • oblioo



    It depends on CO's size, and it also depends on the stakes and rake implications. It's nitty for 3/6+, but I imagine most players watching this are facing a 2.5x to 3x open, and playing micro to small stakes, where rake should be a significant consideration. Many big blind defending hands at high stakes have an EV of a small fraction of a big blind, so when you are sometimes paying ~4bb in rake for winning a pot at small stakes, this seriously cutes into the winrate of those hands.

    Also, the point here was not to give you precise ranges, but to show you how to do this on your own, with your own range assumptions :)
  • JJHalvar


    Good1, but isnt this quite a nitty BB-defending range?
  • Luckymiss25


    Aaah okee!
  • oblioo


    thanks Zolotarsp :)
  • Zolotarsp


    You have weird ability to explain complex topics not only rather quickly, but also in a way that's very easy to comprehend. That's amazing, thank you!
  • Binadas


    Nice 5min :/
  • slim85


  • veganstyle


    good one :)