Live Cash Game Session with w34z3l

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  • NL BSS
  • $30
  • Shorthanded
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Live NL30 Snap Poker session by our coach w34z3l. Enjoy the action!


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  • ramil1981


  • SuperChompa


    hi ! nice video :)
    16:35 Open 6d8d from btn, flop is 9hQd4d. SB calls (he is midstack). Any reason why you do not cbet?
    21:17 We are BB with J8o, sb limps. I like raise 2.5x vs limp, it gives initiative for cheap price. Is that fine? What range do you recommend to raise over limps bb vs sb?
  • w34z3l


    Hey SuperChompa

    1. I like to check back some weak flush-draws. It's probably GTO correct and doesn't result in any loss of EV in practice. It also just makes the hand easier to play. Feel free to bet though, as mentioned, EV is probably similar.

    2. Good to raise reasonably aggressively but really not a big deal whether we raise stuff like J8o. We get to see a flop anyway + it's not like we extract value or anything. Initiative in itself has no value, but sometimes it can be useful if our opponents folds too much to cbets etc - that might be a reason for raising any 2. But for the most part I just stick to a wide-ish value range and check back the rest.
  • SuperChompa


    Thanks for the answers :)
  • ibetucry


    w34z3l, there's a preflop chart xlsm file on the video. Is it publicly available somewhere or it's something you've made for yourself?
  • ibetucry


    Please, nevermind the question. I've just stumbled upon the answer :)
  • burvis07


    he he
  • Kelvin88


    good morning my friend