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  • gwaag


    Min 46: AA in a 3 bet pot on 455, your Range Advantage is just soo high, shouldn't you just be betting a very high frequency but with a small sizing - like you would do with your whole range on this board texture? Over 1/2 pot is just too high I guess - what were your thoughts?
  • w34z3l


    @gwaag Just so we are clear here, the sizing is not necessarily a function of the equity advantage. There are situations where it is correct to bet big with a range(equity) advantage and also small. It can also be demonstrated that while there is a loose correlation between range-equity and betting frequency, it is rather straightforward to construct hypothetical models where we should check range despite having a huge equity advantage.

    This is because we don't look purely at equity, we also look at the equity distribution. As a guide, having the nutted equity distribution often means big sizings can be good, even if we don't have enough nutted holdings to bet at a very high frequency. So if we assume that the guy has no combos of hands that beat AA then a small bet-sizing on the flop doesn't make sense. If we were confident the guy had no 5x or 44 then we should actually bet pretty large. This might also imply that we have a range of hands that prefer to use a smaller sizing if they don't perform well in the large bet-sizing range.

    Another point of confusion is that this idea of betting range for a small-sizing is not actually GTO correct in many of the situations it is used in. It is actually a GTO simplification. Players establish that they might be able to play pure bet strategies if they reduce their sizing. This in no way implies that this is optimal, simply that is simple. It actually lowers expectation slightly, but the advantage is a strategy that is easy to play. Another advantage is an unnatural defense strategy for villain (he might make more mistakes against small sizings).

    However this does not in anyway change that fact that in some scenarios -

    - multiple bet-sizing ranges will be optimal
    - playing non pure strategies will be optimal (i.e sometimes bet and sometimes check)

    Perhaps one of the most important things to consider however is that we are talking about a low limit game where we have the effective nuts. We should probably choose a large sizing for that reason alone.
  • BubbleNedRum


    1:50 I don't like the complete with Q5o, do you complete any broadways + x? also dislike the flopbet, for me it is just a trivial x/f
    2:40 Easiest defend with Q4s?!
    9:37 What are you trying to accomplish with the inforaise? We are not getting anything better to fold or worse hands to call and give one card FDs the correct price to continue? Give that this is our weakest 9x I would only call.
    29:00 As you said, we might have the best hand, so I don't like the bet. Their ranges are mostly broadways and pockets, so we only get folds by Q/K high (which might have a J) and pockets are always calling. Additionally, we don't really rep anything.
    38:16 Easy 3bet jam with 22 imo.
    43:33 I check the 76s back on the turn happily, we puke if he check-raises.
  • w34z3l


    Hey Bubble, thanks for checking the vid.

    1:50 Very standard to complete up to 70% range here. Both opponents are fish! Flop lead also very standard, fold-equity + good implieds if we hit Q or 5.

    2:40 Not really. Very important to look at sizing here. I defend 40% range vs 3x and Q4s is outside that. On the other hand, I defend almost 100% range vs min-raise. Could you get away with defending Q4s vs a 3x? Yes, probably.

    9:37 You are using 2008 reasoning here. We raise because the expectation of raising is probably highest. It doesn't matter too much whether he calls with worse or even folds better. This is a common misconception. If he calls too much we extract thin value. If he folds too much we protect our equity effectively. We avoid giving free cards on a dangerous texture. Also once again, look at his sizing.

    29:00 Once again, 2008 reasoning! Folding out QK high is a perfectly good outcome here! It's necessary to consider expectation of all parts of the game tree. For example we also can spike and A or J on the river in a bigger pot. Also AJ doesn't play especially well three way as a turn check, the expectation is low. It's not like we can bluff-catch rivers effectively multi-way either.

    38:16 - Yes. I missed this due to talking.

    43:33 Well uness he check/jams it's a pretty easy call lol. Checking back is fine though. I highly doubt expectation of a check is significantly higher however.
  • Jksennna


    good! thanks ! god bless