How to Win $1.000 in Less Than 15 Minutes

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $100
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Head coach of SpinLegends Adam 'coffeeyay' Sobolewski is reviewing two $100 Spin & Go's where he won $1.000 in just less than 15 minutes. Join SpinLegends today!


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  • Telekomm


    audio = tilt!
  • parigo63


  • allinntopsad


    verry funny
  • geci1000


    good job
  • SignOff1970


    Is that the coffeeyay hud? I remember the videos jampacked with stats, is that minimalistc a version of it?
  • krakilla85


    Good choices, overbettin all the way.. there are always callingstations..
    bluffin with one pair, sometimes hitting two pair on flop..making easy money with that kind of hands..toppair or two pair on a table with three total is good enough..
  • ducupoka


    #13 you are a fish! cheers