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  • usun


    very nice and helpful, as usual :)
  • aciddrop


    Excellent. Good explanation of the concepts for those looking for the next step.
  • LemOn36


    Too bad I play Pokerstars, NL5 is too different there ;o
  • martisPS


    nice job looking forward for more ;]
  • LazyFlush


    Great video. I like the fact you explain why you're making a decision.
  • edismah


    I really don't know how can you play like that.. I played exactly like you are showing to us in this video and everybody just called my cbets and preflop raises.. and I lost all my stacks on the tables :/
  • GandalfPK


    I think on the QQ hand vs a middlestack with overpair you have to go allin because he didn't had the odds to chase anything preflop and on the river u call his puish so it makes no difference!
  • IgorSurian


  • gadget51


    super-cool lesson. :)
  • taavi1337


    I'm a FL reg and just watch this video to improve my NL5 live home game skills =). I haven't read many NL articles and this is my first NL video to watch.

    You easily throw away straights and top pairs, but at the same time isolate fish with 22 and 87o, which is much looser than in FL. This is some strange stuff, in FL you can't even think about folding top pair or straight in situations like this. And the flop bluff with ATo - don't you know you only make worse hands to fold? =D

    Ok, the noob will now shut up. Great vid =)
  • matiapag


    this is a great stuff to watch :) I'm playing micro limits shorthanded and this video is really cool to watch :) There are planty things I can learn and many new ways I can consider my moves now... Thumbs UP!
  • bonecore


    I like when you center the screen on just the table that you want to talk about.
  • yomatiyo


    13 +1 is like a movie =P
  • Saruniks


    best tutorial ever. thanks.
  • Saruniks


    I learnd so much, and it is something near where I play.
  • cozacu


    make a video like this on FTilt... i played nl5 for a while,and it's like no one folds to cbets(you really have to pick your spots and opponents,or they will just flat call because they don't belive you)... they are 3beting a ton more(i haven't see a guy 3bet you here preflop)... and it would be a dream to see as many limpers as you showed in your vid.Overall very good stuff... the field it's just way weaker that what i was used to at nl5 on FTILT
  • joaoovelha1


    14:00 for me there is no sense in cbh the turn and calling the river since if u cbh ur assuming he might have u beat and if u call the river ur assuming he was on some kind of draw, but if he was on a draw u should have bet the turn.
    14:55 think u might be giving way 2 much credit for ur opponent.. i wouldnt be surprised if he had 2pair/set/queen.. I mean, on a higher limit its an insta fold, on nl4 its pretty close.
  • joaoovelha1


    sry 4 my bad english
  • jimmiko


    Actually, I'm not a poker pro, but I believe, that it's not a profitable playstyle. At least not on Everest NL5!
  • Cosmoden


    nice job