PLO $25 SH Session Review

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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PokerStars Session Review

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  • TribunCaesar


    good one
  • Fongie


    Question: In the QJT9sss hand where you 3bet, how would you react to a 4bet? Do you go all in preflop with rundowns preflop?
  • alejandrosh


    Hi chenny nice video. I have some noob questions here:

    - 6:30 689J would you raise this hand from CO or MP? even with top and bottom gap?
    - 8:00 KK36 I find that people are bad enough on plo25 to call with tons of pairs , how about open raising KKxx from any position?
    - 13:30 AA87 would you 3bet them single or double suited?
    - 16:30 are you 3betting very strong rundowns or something like 4567 is also a 3bet oop for you?
    - 25:40 89TJ what are you doing against a check raise there?
    - 27:40 with kings and the button ? what about a raise?
  • chenny8888



    without having seen stacksizes 100 deep i would usually call preflop.

    alejandrosh: i will answer your questions later
  • bahmrockk


    21:30 you say that the PS donk of your opponent would be a really bad play - i absolutely cant understand your judgement on that one to be honest: Against a spaded Ace with an 5 he has an equity of 78% - a hand that is not unlikely to be against.
    Against Any other combination he is even further ahead, only excecption the wrap of 2s5s67, which would be even money. A free card is impossible to give someone a second best hand, he either gets beaten through a checkthrough a he still gets no payoff. The donk is the only reasonable action for top set here, i cant understand how you can say that it is suuuuch a bad play?

    Rest of the vid is quite nice :)
  • 8412king


    40:20 9932
    The reason I think potbet is better on flop with your middle set:

    1.If someone has an ace-high fd at this level they will often call anyway and you increase your winnings.

    2. The villian can have a lot of additional str8 outs.

    3. You force the oppnent with a-high fd and at least top pair to make a bigger mistake by reraising.
  • chenny8888



    6:30: probably too loose from MP but CO is fine sure.

    8:00: if they're good i would openraise from any position. because they're bad i opt for the more "exploitable" line and openlimp it from the earlier positions. i think this is more +EV.

    13:30: ya i usually 3bet this hand if it's suited. unless it's the 98 that are suited.

    16:30: yeah, these hands i feel are just so easy to play OOP. however one thing does matter in considering whether or not to 3bet these, and this is stacksizes. if 3betting leaves us with only 1-2PSB on the flop it's better to just call and 3bet more with highcards.

    25:40: probably getting it in. either we have the best draw (oesd) or the best made hand (bottom 2pair).

    27:40: i limp behind there to try set over set someone.

  • chenny8888


    @bahmrockk: i really like it multiway but 3-way first to act where the pfa or the other player could still very likely fire a bet (allowing us to check/raise), checking (then raising) is better IMO. this play as the added benefit of bloating the pot and allowing us to get all our money in by the river. i went over the top with my judgement though; the play is not absolutely awful, i just don't like it. this has the added benefit of being a line we can balance with draws, although balancing is something we shouldn't worry too much about at micro limit plo.

    @8412king: vs straightdraws i have superb equity as i have 2 redraws so i'm not so worried about protection. 1 is a valid point though; yes i can make them force a bigger mistake, but with regard to 3... actually i like my small bet because at this limit it will more likely be interpreted as weakness, so effectively i am betting small with the hopes of inducing a raise (although with a hand like ace high fd + top pair he probably pots us anyway, but with a small bet maybe naked nfd pots us, etc.) it's obviously a very exploitable line though
  • Marianogf777


    "Fish suck, cuz that's what they do... Well, they suck and they swim".

    Great video, but I have a question that may seem simple to the more experienced among you: why do you say in 21:43 that donking a pot there is a horrible play? He would probably try to check-raise the pf aggressor, but since it is a three way pot he doesn't want to give a free card to any FD or low straights draws and so he bets for protection.


  • rafski


    I really like this video