Microstakes PLO Live Session on Unibet

  • Recorded coachings
  • PLO
  • $5 - $25
  • Shorthanded
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Comments (6)

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  • AeronSK


    good man
  • Verdi37


    good man
  • w0wc1k


    nice one . aciu
  • SuperChompa


    19:29 /table4 (plo4) here, why not jus call IP and shove if we still have the nuts OTR? The board is very dynamic, and we are likely to be outdrawn.
  • Kyyberi


    @5 If we call, we still have SPR 3 on the turn. So if he doesn't bet we can't get the money in. With raise we ensure that we can get the money in on the turn if we like to do so. If he has a draw (and he doesn't make it) we can get value from it only on the flop and turn. So I like to try my best to get the money in on the flop or on the turn.

    Also if we just call, turn can kill the action and he gets to see the river for that flop miniraise. In PLO4 I would not start to get too fancy. :)
  • Bonifacius


    So can an average PS user beat the rake on Microstakes PLO?