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  • Purity


    Nice video. About the AK hand.. tough spot, considering he 3bets hands like AQ pre-flop and played it passively on the turn against ur AJ I don't put good aces in his range.
    Your hand is ''the nuts'' but u basically beat only a stonecold bluff the way villain plays considering his previous plays.
    So I think u end up with alot more money in the long run by folding this turn since u'll be beat too often and villain can shut down on river with his bluff.
  • TribunCaesar


    Yep, I think due to the fact this is a live video, you can follow my thought process very well. It was like: Weeeeee, I flop the is he doing there....
    The range that beats me is sooo small, but I agree that he will have it too often ( also because of the read I had).
  • TwiceT


    yep i also think AK is a good fold in the long run.

    min3 (or so): QT, i would always bet the turn once he checks and then most likely check back river. let draws and smaller pairs pay. or even Q8s, Q9s. why shouldnt he fire again on the turn w/ QJ, KQ? i think u are always ahead here. obv its a b/f on the turn. as played its definitely a vbet on the river.

    lik the 99 hand vs lufthansa :D think the check back and the small river bet was really great to rep a K and a thin value bet.
  • TribunCaesar


    Thnx twicet. Yep, in retroperspective I think betting the turn with the QT is best.
  • ihufa


    hey, maybe it's just me but the AK hand seems like a 100% standard fold, i'd never call there unless i knew he was very very spewy. the potsized bet is perfect for making the river another potsized bet.
    anyways nice video =)
  • Flushstraightjack


    A really good video thanx tribun