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  • gwaag


    very first hand; QKo, it surprises me that you do make mistakes in those spots...your c bet sizing is just waay to high with about 66%. You say "he can't really have something" --> therefore we have a high frequency and a SMALL sizing, not big! a
  • Dodekahedron


    u play terrible. pretty sure in a reg only environment u are a big losing player. even at nl50
  • w34z3l


    1. Disagree that you could demonstrate the EV of a small sizing is noticeably higher. Especially at lower limit games where betting big with value hands usually works out best as an exploit. I feel you are repeating stuff you have seen elsewhere without understanding it.

    It's impossible to make vague statements about frequencies and sizings without looking at the equity distribution, so your sweeping generalisation is not helpful there.
  • w34z3l


    2. Good thing I don't play in that many reg only environments then. Fwiw I am a big winner up to nl1k. I highly doubt I would get crushed at 50nl zoom even if it's a reg fest, but thanks for your input. If I am as terrible as you say I am, perhaps my game selection is simply really good.
  • DorinaRaiseGirl


    W34z3l for president. Nice video. :)
  • smithptt


    Nice video, realy like the mindset pages that you made realiy cool ideia, its possible to me to get them...thanks
  • cozaro


    1# gwaag, he said villain can't have a better hand and not that villain can't have something.

    I watched 1st 30 minutes and i will come back for the rest, i really liked the way you express your thoughts, it's very clear. I dont agree with every line you take, but seeing and understanding a different line is really good. Thx!
  • cozaro


    You are going for delayed cbet with cards that has potential to hit a good draw on the turn, like JT at KK8 board 41:00. If you don't cbet bluff that, what could you put in your bluff range?