w34z3l Crushes NL25 Zoom

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  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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  • DecMate


    One of the last hands where you had trip 9's vs a straight I think is a fold. The guys not full stacked and looks fishy, he's not going to be thinking along the lines of I had a busted draw KJ/KQ so i'm going to overbet ship the pot. Don't see it happenin.
  • TakingAShot


    The first and only complaint I have on this site thus far: Please stop doing the videos using bb's instead of $$'s? I think the overwhelming majority of us play the game using $$'s and seeing this converted into bb's is just confusing and less translatable.
  • k0kki3


    I also don't like using BB:s especially in hand history reviews. Has no benefit over using $. Confusing to read, you be like is BB in the hand or what? it's just one of those cool trendy nonsense things all wannabe pokerz pros like to use.

    It has it's place if you play many tables simultaneoulsy on midstakes (because not enough tables available on one limit) but that's it.