MTT $38 FR Session Review

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  • MTT
  • $38
  • Fullring
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FullTilt Session Review

Comments (65)

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  • tivaa


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen!
  • Egozocker


    Was heißt in diesem Zusammenhang

    Sprache: deutsch ??
  • Bordito


    Warum steht in der Beschreibung deutsch und das video ist auf Englisch^^
  • DevilsIAreaICode


    ich seh nix -.-
  • dajo1717


    Sprache: Deutsch??
  • DevilsIAreaICode


    doch, es geht xD

    #2: gute frage oO
  • OnkelHotte


    We now switched the displayed language to english, what definitely makes more sense. Enjoy!
  • joanx


    well played
  • sledgeDaemmer


    sehr schoenes Video, mehr davon
  • IIrabaukeII


    hi Jonathan,

    nice vid!
    just one question: at 10:25 you say that you would probably have folded a6o first in from the co. could you explain your thoughts concerning that hand?

    i like that you explain every of your moves and that you also mention other opportunities. but maybe it would be better as a vid for the silver-section, because of many really basic-thoughts you mention. (like that you shouldnt be callin an all-in with 99 only beause you hit your set last time... ;) )

    anyway, i liked watchin it :)
  • ursusmm


    Nice vid ;)

    More please
  • andybandy008


    great Stuff!!

    well played and really cool that say something about each interesting spot.
    great last hand.xD

  • Quiesel


    nice vid!
  • Hergen13


    Great heads-up play, gotta coach me on that ;-)
  • TheBrain90


    really good video. i would really like to see more of you, 'cause you explain your game and your thoughts very well.
  • Nazgul


    nice vid :)
  • OnkelHotte


    I can already announce that we will release videos from Jonathan regularly for you. Mid and high Stakes SNG, HU SNG, Multitable SNG and MTT. Hope you like it:)
  • Rolo23


    min 16 83s is never a call there (regardless of stacksize)
  • Nickelnewbie


    Mhm....not really that andvanced as id wish...
    And lol @ the comment: don't think of poker like that itll result in errors...
    The hand before the finale AA ...: ur saying after ur actully made 2 pair....^^
  • labinos2


    17:20 he was on MP3 and not CO..
  • BHSurfer


    nice vid, but when u calculate the odds during the play u do not implicate the bubblefactor in ur calculation, right?. The real odds r a lot worse especially at the bubble and when u r just itm and the amount that u can win increase exponentially. I did not recalculate any of these hands cause I just watched the vid once but isn`t it significant to concider?
    btw nice vid and pls more MTT vid
  • Wills


    I agree with #13
    most of the time I liked your commentary
    but why you didnt push TJo utg, and afterwards you nearly odds-called J4o ?! I guess NOT pushing there isnt very good, after the blinds you were down to a 5bb-stack and you got much fold equity there utg and mostly a good equity, when you get called
    min 30: you said Dirk HAS to call there, but the other player wasnt pushing allin ;)

    min 40: I really dont like that QKs call preflop...

    and finally I didnt like those creepy sounds in the background, sounds like you are living on a construction site
  • putill


    minute 22: do you really think you can push 77 UTG with 15 BB?
    minute 30: drk2208 should call? even if it is a raise, not an all in push?
  • Dvl321


    nice vid, many interseting thoughts :)

    min: 30
    I don't think Dirk should call there. Maybe u din't realize Kodomo still has some chips behind but is already committed.

    min 32:
    Think that fold of Komodo isn't too bad if he wants to preserve the bubble. If he calls and loses he also loses his chiplead. If he wins he destroys the bubble. I doubt that this donk had this thoughts ;), but i think u can't generally say that's a bad fold.

    I think playing stop&go there is perfect.
    But don't u think it's exploitable if u only push if u don't hit the flop and check if u hit it? Propably that player doesn't realize that (or can't know because he plays against u the 1st time), but i think good players can and will exploit that.
  • Paxis


    habs nur überflogen aber scheint mir wirklich gut^^

    nice vid lucky heads up ;)
  • Broxwalker


    nice vid...
  • Festino


    haha the funniest spot in the video(you skipped it pretty fast, 1st or 2nd hand on the final table):
    min 29, dutchie's fold after his raise is simply amazing. he had like 1:5 odds or something xD
  • spl4t


    strange background noises, but anyway a nice vid. i´d fold the 8s too, considering your edge in future situations and the tightness of your opponents when it comes to calling AIs. i also liked the play with KQs, cause its too good to fold, but on the other hand you never wanna risk busting before the shortstack.
  • Huckebein


    nice video!
    i liked the resteals at the final table against kokomo, good comments on that too :)
  • Timothy13


    I really like that Video, very well explained and some interessting spots you gave helpful comments on, thank you!
  • larry3d


    n1 good comments. and nice HU...
  • Njeng


    awesome. already looking forward to see more of your MTT/SNG videos!
  • JonathanLittle


    Thanks to everyone for the comments. I will do my best to talk about all the questions listed here.

    With A6o 10 minutes in on the cutoff, assuming the short stack on the button had a normal stack, I would tend to fold the hand, as it doesnt play well at all postflop. Since the short stack is on the button though, I can raise it with little fear of the button, as A6 has lots of showdown value.

    With 83s, if I had a ton of chips, I wouldnt really mind a call, even though we know we are well behind. There is a lot to say about the metagame issues, but basically, if people are paying attention and see you call an all in with 83, they will be much less prone to push into you later with garbage. With our smallish stack though, losing 800 chips wouldnt be a good thing.

    As for 77, 22 minutes in, you can push for something like 13bbs profitable under most normal table situations, although there are for sure special cases where you cant.

    30 minutes in, I guess I just didnt see the raiser had any chips behind. Assuming it was a push, he would have to call, but apparently I am blind.

    At the 40 minute mark with KQs, folding if for sure ok, although I guess I have a little extra gamble in me and decide to play it. Really though, it is probably a pretty neutral EV situation. As for the stop n go, against good players, you should push basically every flop, but against not so good opponents, you can play it as I suggested.

    There was also a question about pot odds as you get closer to the bubble. Like in a normal sng, you have to be aware of these situations and adjust your pot odds accordingly. The odds I list are the pure chip odds though, as that is just easier. Also, getting a mincash in these isnt all that significant, although it for sure helps. Rarely am I in a spot where it is +ev for me to just blind off to get itm.

    Please let me know if you guys have any other questions.
  • pokertalent


    free private coahching ;)
  • mnl1337


    very good video. more pls jon. :)
  • watcher123


    Exellent video.
  • TribunCaesar


    Good vid, looking forward for more.
  • overbe


    Very good video, except i didn't like pushing QTs from UTG w/ 10 bb on bubble. Imho too much risk that someone will have good hand to call your push..
    Any comments on that? :)
  • JonathanLittle


    Basically, I tend to worry more about winning the tournament than blinding off to get itm. That being said, the push may have been a touch loose, but still pretty standard.
  • ksh198


    anyone know why I can't see this video but all others?
  • ksh198


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ok I got down to silver for some reason.............. t.t
  • sirilidion


    very nice video! learned a lot from it and you explain you're plays quitte well. keep it up and hope to see more video from you ;).
  • Zeffke


    Very nice video!
    And as a request: big MTT early-middle-late stage with the replayer :)))
  • RobCurl


    thanks, very nice video. I am looking forward to some MTT´s with some more postflop play!
    ~min 45..."allways important to win your all-ins. So try to win them"...hahaha, I like!
    Could be a content for the next vid :)
  • alejandrosh


    #7 +1
  • gunsdeluxe


    Thanks a lot for this first video, really good explanations.
    I hope you will also make some silver and bronze videos in the future...
  • bah22


  • sirilidion


    #7 +3
  • hazzelde


    I don't see how KQs can be neutral ev. Stop and Go is probably better than shoving, but because of the shorties I still don't want to be getting involved with any nonpair hand there. Even AK I would fold pretty fast. Btw, according to wiz a shove with KQs would be -.89 if that guy would be r/c a 100% and you shove on him.
  • szevasztopol


    min 31:19 I don´t know if this push is +EV with QTs... What do You think?
  • adeiush


    very nice video
    Do you play big tourneys? I would definitely want to see some big tourneys hands early mid late with skipped hands just like this one.
    I know it takes time but it would be rly instructive.
  • Devinco


    Very good video. More please!! :D
  • Chriskelly123


    Brilliant Video! Enough Said.

  • stretz


  • Tartarus


    nice vid...

    wouldnt push with the bigstack behind me with 15BB just raise 2.5...
    and y does nobody count in M but in BB??? I just like the M more :D

    And is there a cat in the background??? its a strange sound sometimes ;)
  • noclaninator


    @30 minutes he should not call because this is not a push but a dumb raise.
  • Kneggelol


    very nice vid .. also feels very good that i would have played most of the basically just the same
  • ReverseEST


    Nice vid. Im quite sure that 88 was very good laydown. He propably had you dominated.
  • antonin87


    man i like your vids..brain comments, and you are just good at them..i had to smile when you went HU and picked up rockets..that was one of the fastest HU i have seen so far:DD
  • San4ouz


    JonathanLittle, could you, please, explain, why on 12th minute you have made a raise instead of push with 77 ? Its very copmlicated to play postflop with such cards.
    And could you explain please, why did you make a re-push with 78s on 42th minute after his raise? In this game this guy showed us that he is not adequate, he used to repush with J3o, dont you think that he is not being afraid of being knocked out?
  • philmcallister


    jonathan do you have skype or msn so i can talk strategy with you?
  • pericas1991


    one question, at minute 30:01 dirk should cald call a mp2 raise out of position just coz its 3 to 1 odds, coz its not an all in from the guy from mp2..???
  • JonathanLittle


    I was confused at 30 minutes in, the weird bet size made me think he was all in. Clearly he can fold because he isnt all in.
  • chukcha000


    about your so called "stupid raises"..
    i sometimes use them against players who doesnt have any understanding about the game and they have worked quite well for me. and the other plus is that you can save some chips when he wakes up with a real hand.
    can you give your thoughts about that?
  • JonathanLittle


    While these raises basically never work at high stake games, I am sure they work against the worst opponents. By the time you get this deep in an event, you will probably know if these raises will work or not.