$500 4x Spin & Go Win Review

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $100
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Adam "coffeeyay" Sobolewski is the Head Coach of the English SpinLegends Team. In this video he is reviewing the 4x $500 Spin & Go he won. Join SpinLegends today and become a legend, apply here.


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  • Antohitch


    Amazing as always.
  • playboychess


    I didn't expect so much minbets. I thought minbets are only in the arsenal of bad players. I should probably review my game plan accordingly :-)
  • ghaleon


    6:00 Q4s: Would go for bit bigger sizing like 40. I dont think there is that many hands that fold to that and call minbet. I suppose you are using this size with hands that require little protection for value (strong flush, AdK, Ad9) and then some marginal stuff? Would be pretty awkward to bet like this with some two pairs etc.

    16:40 ATo: Dont like idea to raise small. Basically you create situation where you have to stack off on most if not every flop as aggro player might do lot of stop&go type moves. Well I suppose villain will basically lose chips in long run by flatting as price is too heavy to really call. But at same time you can also lose value versus some hands that would call shove but call and give up postflop. If you want to have small raise range it should be really polarized here with big pockets and some total trash imo. Trash get value from perhaps unbalanced limp range folding too much and big pairs dont really mind if villain calls. Plus 3bb sizing looks bit too big for small raise there.
  • CAALLIN1000


    Spin N Go is where I have graved all my bankroll
  • lila28


    @17:15 Q5o hand - reasoning for not raising turn but just calling?
  • FanTK


    +1 Amazing as always.
  • xrikamusic


    Actually many many usefull stuff on this video ! ! !
  • Romarolo


  • CucumbaMan


    Thanks for this video! And it's a free, which is always a huge bonus!
  • ivele


    very nase video.Thank you
  • kingpowl


    Killer_ooooo recreational player :D:D
  • pokerwethole


    Great job Adam I wish I can do that someday need to build a nice bankroll for that lol
  • chuchador


    Hopefully i can take some tips to use them on lower stakes
  • Cobalik


    nice :)
  • sirlax27


    The Q5 flush draw was quite ticklish but the river played onlyed solidified villain as a bluffer, haha
  • olorunshogo24


    good video
  • awilson134


    Great video, thx.
  • dardoolb


    #6 i guess 3h and weak kicker