Alvaro 'spin4play' Romero Analyses x25 on $100 Spins

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $100
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In this video you will see 29 mins of Alvaro "spin4play" analysing a recent x25 played by one of the SpinLegends students on $100 limit. Will he be able to win? Interesting hands and thoughts are guaranteed! Join SpinLegends today!


Alvaro review romero SL spin spin & go's spin4play SpinLegends x25

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  • DarthDesolator


  • PinkClaw


    scifi chanel, not poker
  • Pakichu777


    pretty weird to bet 4bb on 643 w/88 vs a check back range from bb readless

    there are so many bad turns, and we're going to be forced to bluffcatch/ bet/jam thin or allow our opponent to realise equity w an obv toppair kind of hand w/o any reads on a new player

    why not just check raise this hand, or just x/jam, our opponent is likely to bet most draws/ pairs and then we can deny equity

    i don't hate it, but might as well just jam, we're committed anyway now

    then i stopped watching

    start playing again bro, i enjoyed playing vs you, you were def tricky
  • landroma12


    +1 2#
  • aceonetheriver


  • growteach


    Video muy didáctico, tomo nota!
  • rafalos890


    That 88 hand - I think that villain bets most of his range that has draws or hit top pair and check back the air. Therefore check/shoving is better.

    How in the hell is calling 44 from SB against button 20BBs shove borderline profitable especially when we crush him with our skill edge? We don't care how wide his range is, it's even worse if he shoves loose like 89s there, since we're actually slightly behind that very hand and there are tonns of hands that we flip against. For me it's 77+ call in that spot.
  • adidadi


    it is easy to watch, but hard to do it by yourself :P


    buena explicacion