Cornholio FL Series Part 5: $2/$4

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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FullTilt series

Comments (4)

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  • uni05mz


    haven't seen it yet, but very nice to see a video by you again.

    i like your english movies - i don't know why - far better than the german ones..
  • Sesmar


    1. min: ul JJ hand
    i think i would raise the turn. the K is not the best card for us, but i think there are a lot of worse madehands,which we are ahead against.

    nice vid, like everytime
  • emotv


    thnx but i ask one question when a passive player raise i think we should fold if we are sure that we have the best hand right? Or this means you can not bluff me easily sign?
  • Cornholio


    #2 yes i agree, call Turn is actually too passive

    #3 Generally you should fold if you think you are behind almost always and don´t have enough outs. A lot of bad players are not able to adapt and start bluffing you, still you should pay attention if not maybe your opponents are picking up on it.