SnG $36 & $24 FR Live Video

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22 - $33
  • Fullring
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FullTilt Live Video

Comments (10)

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  • salflip


    Great video unam, sorry about the bust out.
  • ethanrox


    because of videos like that i regret being silver now :)
  • alejandrosh


    @#2: because of videos like this I won't be silver ever again , go for gold :D
  • JVV


    Could anyone please tell me what program is he using?
  • ethanrox


    holdem manager for the stats, that s what u mean ?
    great vid... finally watched it ;)the limit seem beatble
  • JVV


    Yes. Thank you.
  • looserbaby79


    02:10 you raise JJ only 180 thats 2xbb+limper is it profitable or you miss that limper??

    :-)HOLD SICK no skills needed in poker making bet fold against shortstack making bet push against strong hand AND STILL WINNING. easy game.
    +its way better to be lucky then playing well

    great video thank you
  • deco99


    great video
  • Tim64


    Loved the push into AA and hitting yr crappy two pair. Villain waited all day to call your aggression with a monster and then you suck out. His computer is out the window after that hand :)
  • BigAl123456


    Very nice Vid...