Climbing The HUSNG Ladder - $15 Limit

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11 - $16
  • Heads-up
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In the fourth part of the series we climb the HU ladder even more with honigmund38. He plays a live session on $15 HUSNG and talks about his general impressions of this limit. Enjoy and leave a comment below.


1 on 1 heads-up honigmund HUSNG low stakes regulars sit and goes sng turbo

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  • JimmkCZ


    thanks for this video, very usefull :)
  • pirivicky


  • murek7


  • ghaleon


    2:40 64s: Would just go with check-call line on turn. Coordinated board so imo it can be bit questionable if villain continues with enough weaker made hands. River is not great imo. If you were bluffing the turn you probably have some sort of semibluff and flush draws got there so does single pair hands really call often enough? Hoping you have some sort of Jh9d?

    Also if this goes to raise range your calling range has very little stronger hands on blank rivers.

    10:30 Q4o: Nice move imo.

    12:40 QTo: Decent flop checkback imo. Has some showdown value and equity yet nasty to get raised.

    15:20 A2o: Imo ATo is probably still better call because it will probably actually beat some of his value range and block QT-

    32:20 98o: Flop raise sizing seems overly big to me considering stack sizes.

    47:30 64s: Would often use this as shove hand versus limps. Has decent equity versus call range and change to get around billion better hands to fold.

    Not much of limping going on. Plus no trap limping either. Though small sample.