Climbing The HUSNG Ladder - $30 Limit

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $30
  • Heads-up
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We are where the things get serious now! Our coach reviews two games from $30 Turbo HUSNG limit against regulars. Enjoy and leave a comment below!


1 on 1 heads-up honigmund HUSNG low stakes regulars sit and goes sng turbo

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  • OriginalFlo


    Thank for your video.
  • ghaleon


    Yeah limping with those deep stacks wont make too much sense imo. Also using 2.5bb open size is reasonable though I suppose without ante its ok to minraise as well. With ante I think we dont want to give good opponent quite as good odds with minraise but not big difference probably overall.

    08:10 QTo: Yeah agree that those T6 type are ok checkback and one reason is partially because they are also bit nasty to bet-call without beating any value range and somewhat blocking semibluff range.

    9:40 A4o: I think river is also ok to check-call with weakest Ax. I mean if we dont check any Ax then our check-call range top is going to be like rare 2x, K high or some K7. Maybe some small pocket if we dont 3bet pre. So to me seems like check-call is ok option also. I think JT we probably play for showdown value (?) so our bluffs will mainly be some 54 type floats if we dont raise flop sometimes with those.

    Though versus minbet on flop do we want to also continue like T9 with backdoor flush?

    23:10 K2o: I think fold is fine. Especially if this was second game and not first as we saw him limping so much. So I would likely give bit of extra credit for his range.

    25:10 AKo: Because we have so few value hands would this be spot to overbet the river and mix in some of air hands we gave up on flop? I like 70% if we also have decent amount of two pair or top pair. But now we pretty much have rare two pair or straight. Though maybe as it was checked to river overbets make less sense.

    30:45 75s: Personally with these shallow stacks I tend to use these sort of hands as light shove versus limp as you get so many better hands to fold, have good amount of equity versus calling range and that way make preflop shove range less value heavy.

    30:58 JJ: Usually I would limp trap as I dont like to have much of minraise range this shallow versus other than nits.

    Nice video. Playing HUSNG mainly as random hobby but its also mandatory part of any other sng or mtt (or so we hope) so its good way to train HU part.
  • koloborantas


    Usually I would limp trap as I dont like to have much of minraise range this shallow versus other than nits.