Variance in Spin & Go's

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $1 - $100
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SpinLegends Head Coach Adam "coffeeyay" Sobolewski talks about variance in Spin & Go's. From the video you'll learn what should be expected in terms of swings, how to approach bankroll management, how to work with SwongSim software in general, and many more. Become a legend - join professional staking school SpinLegends today!


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  • FanTK


    Great topic, thanks Adam =D
  • ReDmiR


    What is this program? Bot?
  • Serjpahaluk


  • Constantin11


    I barely scratched the surface with my -50Bi downswing so far. Things should get even more interesting at some point :D
  • dardoolb


    So what would be the best way to estimate your session(short sample 100 games) if not chipEV
  • imgoingtomirage


    dardoolb, analyze the hands


    beautiful :)
  • aniadorofi


    beautiful analyze the hand. Good video Coach Adam "coffeeyay" Sobolewski :)
  • pikimattalia


    allways the best videos, in english. Please, In Spanishhhhhhhh
  • OldSchoolPapa


    Nice video :)
  • YoureSoHigh


    Nice video
  • Doublecheck


    Nice video!