MTT $27 FR Session Review

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PokerStars Session Review

Comments (33)

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  • karlo123


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen!
  • stickman1401


  • s3nad


    nice review
  • JoePistone


    early in the video, you were talking about isolation-raises and that you don't make them. Why not?
    I think they are +++ev, cause especially in the middle of tourneys, u see a lot of weak limps which u can easy isolate.
  • bah22


    Nice video! When HU why you didn't try to outplay your opponent postflop since you were much more experienced anyway? I would to see more MTT videos especially middle-late part of it!
  • sirilidion


    was great! hope to see you make a big mtt video sometime
  • Fistor


    nice one....hitting skills obv.^^
  • Rzeczpospolita


    Nice Vid... U must teach us, how to turn on the luckbox. :-)
  • larry3d


    he simply has a dealer-read.thats it.
  • shakin65


    5'02: I wouldn't bet A9s 8-handed utg with blinds that low. Most of the times you will get called and you will have to play postflop oop. Or you get reraised and you have to fold. I don't think the risk/reward fits in that spot.

    14'30: the call with 77 is quite close. I tend to fold. In the best case you're a slight favourite vs. 2 overcards. Sometimes you're 20/80. Almost never you're gonne dominate the other guy.

    26'33: The call with 87s is quite close imo despite the good odds.

    The rest I like :-)

  • mnl1337


    very nice video and exciting HU :p
  • alejandrosh


    nice video again
  • spl4t


    pretty cool
  • Mahlzahn


    I agree with shakin´s comment (#8). Nice vid, but the 3 hands he mentioned are quite close in my opinion too. Anyway, nice vid and i hope for more :)
  • Kasperkopf


    gg, need more vids from you......
  • niknik88


    omfg, I wrote a very long comment, its gone because the browser shut down :( :(

    So the short version:

    Want to hear more about the "25-40 BB are bad stacks" theory
    Turbo tournament -> few hands later you have the perfect resteal stack

    87s is close, cause they are tight. Take their chips by stealing, not by calling tough spots

    Please make more of these, maybe you gat a huge stack in the beginning and you are able to play as the Chipleader. That would be interesting.

  • salflip


    Great video, It would be nice to see an MTT vid at around the $50 buyin level
  • edgetrader


    great video! def. more videos!
  • Fantomas741


    Sowas bitte mal für Silber !
  • wormboy77


    Great video, keep'em coming! One thing I noticed you said you gonna call him if he pushes in HU w A9o when the stacks were even I think that would have been a bad call considering how nitty he have been playing.
  • ethanrox


    good game, i think u missed some any two spots in the final part of the HU when u were with 5-7 BB where u pretty much obligated to push.
  • andybandy008


  • fraleb


    you won 7 or 8 push in a row as did u do this ?

    think in none AllIn situation u won or lost u was a favorit.
    please dont grouch about 3 lost allins HU in a row as underdog.

    otherwise a nice vid,good explanation
  • JonathanLittle


    When you are shortstacked heads up, the way I outplay people is by pushing in lots of spots while they tend to give more walks than they should. As for folding a few times when I had a 5-7bb stack, I think that if you push these spots 100% of the time, people will start calling you with weaker hands that tend to dominate my pushing range. Because of that, I sometimes fold the weakest hands.
  • Rolo23


    i would not call the A7 and the J8, but nevertheless ur best vid so far
  • JonathanLittle


    Sorry for not getting to these comments sooner. I have been out of town with no internet access.

    5 minutes in with the A9s utg, you can fold those hands if you want. I tend to make the plays that give me higher variance in these mtt sngs, as you have to get chips quickly.

    14 minutes in with the 77, while it is a close spot, my stack size prompted me to call. That has a lot to do with either having a good repush stack of 15-30bbs, or a good "standard" stack of 50bbs or more. The problem with 40bb stacks is that if someone raises, you cant really reraise then fold to their push too often because that is just spweing chips and you have too many chips to repush all in. Basically, it makes it to where you dont have any clear super +ev decisions.

    23 minutes in with the 87s, I think, getting those odds, folding would rarely be good.

    Please let me know if you guys have any more questions or comments.
  • TeddybaermitHolzgewehr


    Is this the Speed Tourney on Stars or was there changed something about it?
  • Chriskelly123


    Jonathan, Great video with some really great advice about tournament play. The analysis of 22 and why to fold was very insightful and eye opening.

    Heads up though i think you could have played different, after his first double up there's no reason not to play his game and play to beat him by seeing flops with minimal input! i think he just picked up the agression off you and wrote you off as a lucky donk so was happy to sit and wait for his spots because you were generally paying them off and being a maniac.

    you can gear down as well as up and you were dominating 4:1 after his first double up there was no reason to just play push or fold.
  • Luxitive


    gutes poker sieht anders aus
  • pnu321


    Huippu video, lisää näitä kulta osioon tältä jantterilta!
  • andreibalint


    Very nice video, there are some with 4tables where you get bored and there are some with a single one where you are very interested...
  • J0ker101


    nice vid.
    could you maybe do a video on the 180mann 12 dollar sitngo's in pokerstars would really love to see a video on that!!!
    thanks again
  • lesdok24