NL $5 FR Session Review

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Another full ring video from hasenbraten on the low stakes - in this video your coach shows you how to play with stats and get a read on your opponents.


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  • dixxiehaze


    excelent vid
  • BToledo


    Voice quality is improving, but still a bit poor. Otherwise, great insights on situational FR play. Helped my recently, in facts. Thanks a lot hasenbraten!!!
  • rickydaprince


    nice vid, i liked the stats analysis.
  • Zbullterrier


    i like the stat's analysis, but in the hand when u had an set vs AA, u realy think's the all in is a bad movement of your rival? dude, i think that is only a slow play. I'm don't saying that is a good way to play in NL 5, but he had the pot at the final of the hand.

  • salyk


    like your videos ;)

    I'm think when u've started to rec video with HUD u should now only make videos with statistic ;)
  • es111es


  • Leo


    13:37 obviously rocks!
  • Leo


    13.37 obviously rocks
  • sbmino


    Hey! Now that I have the adm avatar I can watch more than 4 min of this amazing video yuhuu
  • zaplol


    #2, the voice quality is crystal clear.
  • stevegold87


    Thanks, very easy to watch
  • gadget51


    A prime example of how even NL FR $5 can be interesting, thank you.

    @Zbullterrier; Looking at the date you should know this by now but;
    ...'had the pot a the final of the hand' is definitely not the way to view it. He gets called if he's behind most times this level.