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  • Waaaghboss


    einmal der erste zu sein, welche Ehre 8)
  • ursusmm


    nice hitting skillz ;)
  • karlo123


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen!

    Comments please in english
  • lexusone


  • tmfinger


    always happy with your new vids. It's great you show a little bit different line then other coaches here on PS. I mean it's so important to make your play little bit loosier in an early stage. In this video especially I was impressed with two pushes you made after your oppeonents had raised/mini raised you. Basically great reads. One of them folded on you and the second one called you with A8 against your AJ
  • TeddyTheKiller


    In a few spots I really didn't like your play, however there were a few ideas now and then, and I allways like you talking about other aspects of a pokerplayers life, which I find very intersting ;).
  • JonathanLittle


    Feel free to let me know which spots you didn't like so I can look over them and see if I might have done something bad. Maybe you can teach me a little. :-)
  • BHSurfer


    nice vid, I aggree with the playing style, thats the way I play too. I just dont hit that good ;) . only the early stage steals seem a bit lose to me. U win 30 or 50 chips when it works but may get yourself in situations you dont wanna be in. I try to avoid theese early steals. Thx for the vid and may I ask for MTT vids 20$-50$ buy-in
  • Kasperkopf


    i wanna rent ur
  • BHSurfer


    eg the KT CO openraise on bottom left- what are u doing when u get called, hit the king and ur cbet get raised? Do u fold then?
  • JonathanLittle


    When I hit something like top pair or better in a sng, I am rarely folding. Sometimes you will go broke but in general, people like to bluff off too much.
  • miskokvo


    realy enjoyed this vid... you have diferent style of play as other coaches in english site as i can see... mainly different thinking.. basics are same but you realy play diferently as others
  • p00s88


    i love hearing u talkin i gess i have to become gold :D
  • bumfighter


    Yay, its the Fiery Justice! Nice Vid!
  • Tightisright


    Pretty sick, wanna hit like this just one time. I don't like the KK-call TL and expecially the J9s-hand before. and maybe I could find a fold for QQ TR but that depends on daily play.

    btw: sometimes you are tough to understand because you are speaking so fast
    finally nice vid, like to see more
  • JonathanLittle


    I do speak fairly fast. I will work on that in future videos.
  • OneSinge


    Jonathan2Outer ;)

    nice vid
  • Annuit20


    Ey ich war auf der Rütli ich kann kein Englisch :(
  • Pa7adin


    @17 lol
    nice Vid, ty
  • jayR209


    very nice vid, i also looking forward to a mtt one. and keep on talking about the little poker stories of your life.
  • OnkelHotte


    Hey guys, speaking fast without mumbling is a talent. You can put more information in less time;)
  • kingofACES08


    very bad content

    J9 just very minus in that stage in a sng

    KK sick call, very obv Ax or set

    really don t like ur style as teaching content

  • bossi


    Good Video whith nice ideas and suckouts :-)
  • spl4t


    pronunciation and speed is ok imo ^^ didnt like the repush with KQ against UTG raiser in minute 24 or so. imo, you have a healthy stack already, so theres no need to risk it against a fairly strong range.
  • Sexicano


    I've played SnG for a while and I feel that im not capable to win two cf in a row and end up on the 4th place. Anyway my question is: Do you call all in with KK if someone pushes in the early levels (10/20 and 25/50) or do u shove if someone 3bets and you've KK? I've shoved and.. So often I face AA. Am I doing something wrong or is it just unlucky to face them? I know that the odds for AA arent that big but.. If I face them 75% of the time I'll run very bad in long run.
  • wormboy77


    Ah I see now why your nickname was FieryJustice :Đ Btw really nice showing of aggro play that is required on this limit and very very true thoughts about 'humbling downswings'. Keep'em coming.
  • UrielSeptim


    It doesn't look as if you are playing this type of tournament regularly. They changed a lot in the last few years and aren't comparable with the times you've played on PartyPoker.

    I don't like repush with KQ in minute 23. And thinking about playing ATo (min 10) isn't a good idea, against a typical range form HJ you are in a very bad shape with ATo.

    But I like your style teaching content, you always explain your actions very well so I can still learn a lot without sharing all your analyses.
  • Dvl321


    lol #21
    J9s is definetely a hand you can openraise there. But please continue playing like SHC tells you and stay a fish.

    I really like ur vids, never get boring and as Teddy said also nice thoughts besides the pure content.

    And I like how you are willing to discuss your play here in the comments :)

    I think sometimes you play too much MTT-Style in SnGs. For example I don't think that KQ repush is +ev (it propably would be in MTTs)
  • JonathanLittle


    As I stated in the KQ hand, I thought is range was fairly weak, as just because someone raises from early position doesn't mean they have a tight range. I would obviously be intrested to see what his range actually is, but that is impossible to know. It must have been fairly loose though, as he folded with little thought. In the early levels, I have been experimenting with splashing around a bit more simply because most of the opponents either play very tight or very bad postflop when they have a semideep stack. Any other comments would be greatpy appreciated.
  • JonathanLittle


    Folding KK in a sng preflop is bad. If they show up with AA, you just got unlucky. Thanks to everyone for the comments. Keep them coming.
  • UrielSeptim


    After reviewing the video I would say, you're absolutely right with the KQ hand, this guy was minraising quite often in this tournament, especially at this blindlevel.
  • kingofACES08


    :-( evil

    my comment was deleted(as 4 other) and u want comments?

    KK wasn t preflop

    u 3betet KK in mid-pos. got called and callt KK on a A47-3-board for 1:2 with no more than 20%equity
    and u had 740 in bb-stage 15/30
    J9s u can fold preflop instead u want to steal 15+30

    don t like ur style as teaching content :(
  • arsalan89


    why i can't watch the full video?
  • JonathanLittle


    Obviously the KQ hand, in most normal situations, would be an easy fold. A few things I look for when I decide to push something like this, especially when multitabling, is that the raser has a big chip stack, which usually means they are loose, as it is hard to get that many chips early unless you run super well, they make poor sized raises, and they are not a competent regular. I think in this spot, all of those were met so I went ahead with the push. It is good that you went back and rewatched the video, as that is the kind of stuff that will make you a huge winner.
  • busfahrer09


    lol @#17

    nice video, i dont like the push in the last hand, but the rest is very good...
    p.s.: nice hitting skillz :)
  • JVV



    At 18.48 you wanted to open push A7o on the Bu for 20BB. Isnt 20BB a bit to much ? And when are you going to give a live coaching?:D

    Nice video!

  • JonathanLittle


    With the A7, both my opponents had 10bbs, so I am really only pushing for 10bbs.
  • Xpload1989


    Nice Vid :) I loved to watch it.
    I've seen some good plays, although I think I can not really effectively use them at my micro stakes SNG's :P
  • larry3d


    i think ur pronounciation and speed is very good. i like it- pokerstraaaatergggyyyyy DOT COMMMMM
  • GrafM


    one can argue in some spots if the move is profitable or not but in general I think you've done a fairly good job.
    I just consider the KJo openraise in min. 34 as quite bad. hence you create the perfect situation for the CL to abuse the shorty for an any2 push.
    you made a so called "stupid raise" and you even knew it before. so why did you do it?
    btw: sweetening your videos with some offtopic is great, especially with content like this. i like! ;)
  • mnl1337


    i like your videos very much, although i dont play sngs. just sometimes mmts. :)
  • EvgenyL


    This is the best sng-video I've ever seen before on PS. Just keep the ball rolling :) Thanks a lot!
  • Chriskelly123


    Another great vid with some great aside's on downswings and self management!

    Im sure its really going agaisnt the grade of the way you play but i would have to agree with King of Ace about the KK situation, all of what he said and it sort of lacks the discipline to laydown your monster (KK) when its very easy for you to be way behind.

    Great instruction though and if you dont mind me asking, when you lost 300k what was your overall Profit/loss?

    I look forward to live coaching? :-)

  • LauryBoy


    Another thing i like in your videos is that you share your poker experience by giving some nice advices.
  • z4tz


    A great video overall.
    One play i dont understand though. At around 30 minutes upper left in the heads up he limps and you raise to 5BB with him having like 8BB. Wouldnt it just be standard to push the hand since your pushing every other hand?
  • steIIstuI


    I love your videos !
  • hypertyper


    Your videos are the best. It comes across well, that you are quite detached from the game psychologically. You give good advice on poker and life... what's not to like. It seems that there are more MTT vids now, I'd love to see some more ST SNG vids.
  • vidrata


    Very nice, video with very interesting ideas as always!

    Thank you!
    Keep them coming :)
  • mariannapoker


  • Fantomasiks