International special 6 max coaching [NLD vs ENG]

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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Live Video NLD vs ENG PokerStars special

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  • Leo


    I love this coaching format!!
  • sfinxs1000


    Mooiste hand op 43.06
  • MaCe90


    You should do this kind of coaching more often, and not just for limit games.
  • marcel23


    vn coaching
  • SeaJaws


    There is to much releveling going on here :D.

    Btw, first time i said A9o and fold it was 89 actually.

    Bleh lost value in the second QT of hearts hand, never play your hand like that :P.
  • minoan


    Great video..but poor audio...Thanks anyway.
  • DarthBobo


    loved it :). Thanks for recording!
  • uni05mz


    fürst :-)

    Nice Video, but Audio-Quality needs improvement..
  • DukeFreedom


    Some of you sure play loose in those hands.
  • Leo


    43:06 Mooiste hand dus? :D
  • Jonaton


    How was this video even released in the english platform? By far the worst video I've seen out here, the audio is just terrible, how does a professional coaching site release this?
  • kopkekrap


    nice vid!
  • SanWogi


    Nice Coaching. I like this vid.

    Usually this clipping (distortion)problem occurs, when you have more than one coach in the player and different input levels.
    One would have to balance the levels of the micros in the player before the coaching starts, but that would take ten minutes or more. Especially when there are 5 coaches.

  • ukcoolcat


    interesting vid, good insight into the thought process.

    what was primzi doing? giving plenty of mouth in observer chat, then sits down with $5 and doesn't play, made himself look a complete moron.
  • purple16


    Yes, it seems like great video.But, sound quality is too low. Thus,I couldn't watch, thanks you anyway :)
  • Borisian


    Great video, shame about the sound but I can live with it :P

    So many nuggets of information for a less advanced player like me.