NL $200 HU Live Video

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Live Video

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  • freakyphil


    Great fun watching this series. A couple of interesting spots in every video and also different types of opponents. Looking forward to more HU material from you. Thanks :)
  • wool85


    Why do you say all the time, that all his bluffs were 1/2 potsize? Imo all his bluffs (except K9s) were full pot or overshove (bottompair with 42o and busted FD T4s). I think you really stuck on an incorrect read. Maybe b/c you didn't write down the hands he shoved with ;)
    Nevertheless I'd like to see more HU CG. I personally don't play HU (yet), but it's nice to hear what you're thinking and maybe using it one day.
  • extpan


    Hello,nice video again,and I hope that you will produce more video,it would be very nice also to make a few video for sng HU if you play them.(buy in for 50$ or more)Keep rocking:)
  • TwiceT


    @ 2: really true, once i noted the first bluff (K9s, 1/2 ps bet on river) i just thought he bluffs half pot. however, i never noted his 42o and T4s and never adjusted to his bluff sizes. funny how i didnt think about it during the vid. i also didnt write down the bluffs at all, dont know exactly why.

    but what we can see from my mistake: the problem with taking notes can be, that u dont adjust your notes often enough and just stick with one tiny read (which may be even wrong).
    once i make a specific play and play against a solid reg who might note my play, i note it as well and immediately change my style in such a spot in the future.
    i dont think this opponent did that, but who knows, maybe he just owned me even harder than i recognized...

    @ 2: i might do a sng hu series as well, but since i dont play them regularly, i might just play 22-55. if i start to play them regularly, i might make 55+ as well. but since the game changes a lot when playing hu sng, i wanna have some more experience before making midstakes vids.
  • DaPhunk


    Nice Video. Would be cool to see a 3 or 4 parter agaisnt the same villain, where you develop reads and/or he adapts his game to your own style or even goes on Tilt so we can see how you adjust to that.
  • Gafny


    showdown showdown, we are on the showdown :D
  • serroyce


    Great series. Thanks a lot.
  • RnoD


    Really nice video. Thx :).
  • Falco35


    unfortunatly I just saw 4 minutes but I alwys like it to see TwiceT playing HU
  • Falco35


    I would also fold AT on KTx2, because we couldn't know what his hand is-most of the time its a Kx or the FD. But since we dont know its just a guessing game
  • Karl0zzz


    Nice vids, I would love to see more HU vids from you!
  • Hentaipr0n


    Nice video TwiceT, keep it up!
  • misspookie


    I notice all your videos you go all in and I don't see you get bad beat Would like to see a video where your not running good down like 2 or 3 buyins and things are going wrong. And see what adjustments you make against a opponent your having hard time with. I notice all these guys making vidoes make sure its a video they are crushing people running on god mode.