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  • Leviatan


    The AKs hand in the bubble has a fold IMO... you don't know how much fold equity you really have... specially in this limits full of showdown monkeys.. and he had you covered.. with a super shortstack... hmm... easy fold...
  • Leviatan


    *was xD
  • Leviatan


    *was xD
  • JVV


    Nice video!
  • LuborC


    In the AKs hand you analysed at the end of the video he really did have you covered so you should have folded. The stacks you put in the nash calculator were the ones you had AFTER the hand.
  • steinek


    Yeah, I noticed this after finishing this video.
    He had me covered so I should fold to a push. However, after his raise I still see some FE and still like the push.
    I'm sorry if I confused someone with this hand. Next time I will know that the replayer only shows the stacks AFTER the hand.
  • MaCe90


    As far as I'm concerned, I'm kind of a rookie but you almost never fold AK suited in that spot if you play to win. If you play to get ITM whatsoever you might fold...however I would always call there.

    Again, at 20:43 on the upper right table, is that A 8 never worth a raise ? Considering the chip stacks and all...the position is not the worst too. I'm asking myself that because at 23:11 you do raise KJ , which is a bit worse than A 8 .

  • pondlife78


    ^You have to consider what's going to be pushed against you- mostly it's pocket pairs or other aks so you're a slight underdog with an ITM finish riding on it.
  • aeniman


    Good video, I liked it.
  • ashba89


    "We already dreaaam about the money. All the wonderful things we will buy for it"

    That made me crack up at work xD
  • steIIstuI


    yea it's funny. I like his coachings
  • txfoyochipz


    Thanks Steinek. Compliments for your video. It was educational AND enjoyable to watch. Some other coaching video's can be quite dull sometimes.
    Poker is all about the money, but you have to have some fun while your at it... so thumbs up!!
  • lessthanthreee


    you are SO FUNNY! pls make more videos haha!
  • DanDule


    Nice video, you're explanations were very good. What would you have done with the ATo hand in bottom left if you hadn't timed out? :)
  • THeGaME23


    Very nice video, some funny parts too. A lot more fun to watch than other videos which helped me keep my attention. Well done :). I dont think I would ever fold AK in that spot in fact it would never even cross my minmd to insta call or go all in. But im a SnG noob right now.
  • antonin87


    nice video..not many low buy ins SnG vids in the menu:), so for that much appriciated..
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • adimodoran


    everybody knows how to play AA KK and nuts on the flop.....this is not some hard decisions session when you don t get nothing...
  • RovarTry


    Hi, steinek, great video (as always)! I'm also folding AKs, but i'm more interested in ATo hand... What would you do?