NL $25 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

Comments (22)

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  • nafar84


    great stuff as usual... keep up the good work!
  • nafar84


    great stuff as usual... keep up the good work!
  • mishkagg


    Nice job! Is Michailewich on the upper right the hand judge from
  • mishkagg


    One more thing - I really think it would be better if you play with HUD on the NL25 and explain decisions based on statistics and not just by "I think he's bluffing so I call with my KK" like in the last hand. Yes, you were correct (but I doubt most players would have the same train of thought cause we're way worse than you, I for example thought an all in the turn would be the best play) but if you were backed by statistical data it would be better and overall I think it makes the videos look that more professional.
    But thank you for the great video!
  • Vargan


    Nice video.
  • VasiliZaitsev


    i also think you should stop making videos without stats, cause everyone on pokerstrategy plays with stats and make decisions based on them. Plus the videos with stats are really good:)
    another thing is that there are kinda few videos at 50nl
  • Schouw


    Hi, I want to discuss the KK hand which you folded after a 3-bet from the BB on a 324 rainbow flop (15 min.). I think as what you said he is a regular ok player. then he is not playing here A5, maybe 56. the rest of the you should be scared of is 22-44 for sets. so that's 4 hands which will beat you here. there are 8 hands left (55-QQ) which he problably has. and i'm take in mind its 25NL. so is it therefore not better to push here? should that be so wrong? i like to know what you think of it.
  • pokacerules


    if u think stats are really that important... then you should start trying to get a general feel for the game, stats aren't everything,

    gd video and analysis again
  • looserbaby79


    nice video and great play with KK - i prefer video with stats aswell

  • N1koLka


    very very nice, and either I think about playing with stats on this limit.
  • Diedobal


    yes I thought the same, personally I would've shoved it there, assuming his range would be from 99 to QQ (AA would've been a reraise preflop don't u think?)
  • lazerusjay


    thanks for this video am feeling the input.
  • TomBot980

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  • milo12


    nice video
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    Good video, nice play.
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    also nice thoughts about other players
  • marcosalison


    The best
  • bluedevil1914


    Nice video
  • Haluzar86


    nem jo
  • Guernica59


    good video for all begineers i think
  • Quebabo


    nice video )
  • pokerzur


    Good video, nice play.