SnG $11 FR Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11
  • Fullring
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Session Review

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  • steinek


    Once in a lifetime you have to do that :D
    And nice to see you're still alive. Nice video.
  • paulussus


    17:44 JJ is a fold PF imho. As you said, a guy is raising 2% and firstly you don't really have odds to call for a set value, secondly you don't don't know where you at but still most probably you're behind.
  • steinek


    I really liked the video a lot. The concept of concentrating on a few and quite interesting spots is definitely a good one. You explained your thoughst well structured and in detail and offered the viewer the possibility to think about the game which is pretty important.
    I probably would have pushed the JJ, anyway. I see him holding TP, weaker Overpair, draw and from time to time total air often enough to call against his small stack. However, I agree his line looks very strong and probably stronger than a floppush and I can understand the fold.
    Thanks for the video.
  • JVV


    Nice video.

    For future videos I would really like to see something from the bubble for instants calling ranges, playing against big and short stacks .

    Thanks in advance .
  • blowkonijn


    nice video, i def learned to fold jj in a situation like that, normally i would go broke. Thanks
  • UrielSeptim


    I like the way you've played the JJ. 23/2 after 43h doesn't mean much, this player could have very well been carddead or limping with strong hands and raising with trash.

    27:54 I am not so sure if your analysis and the way you've played the A3 is good. In my view, the betsize doesn't really say much if villain bets IP (OOP I would agree, because they are making small bets with draws to determine the prize for the next card), so he could very well have the FD and even A4 and A5 (7 Outs) are possible. So I prefer a push, because if he has Ax, he will call and if he has something different, he will probably fold anyway, but if I push, he has to pay more to outdraw me with Ax.

    For future videos I would like to see you playing the $22, because there are playing more and stronger regulars and it would be interesting to see how to play against regulars.
  • RacoonCity


    Thanks for your precious guidelines. Shoving with AQo facing a reraise and not being shorstack nor in the money, was way too risky at ab early stage of the tourney. on the other hand, folding JJ on the turn was too tight with that flop. You opponent didnt reraise u before the flop, wich make it less likely he had: AA, KK or QQ. it looked more like he was holding a medium pair: 1010, 99 or 88. most probably u were way a head and only way behind facing a pair of 7s, giving ypour opponent a set!
  • txfoyochipz


    Good vid. Thanx for this.
    I probably would have pushed the JJ tho. I dont think he would donk the turn with qq, kk, aa or a set. If he did you have to pay him off on 11$ imo. Still, it was a tough hand to play and an ugly spot.
    One possibility that is not mentioned above is he was trying to take down the pot cheaply with a sort of block bet on the turn and folding to a push.I have seen players do this before on these limits.
  • Bedoze


    Very interesting review! Would be also great to watch a bubble stage or late stage with 5 to 6 players and without stats! =)

  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!