SSS NL $50 FR Live

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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  • T3rMiT3


    :)))) a very funny video
  • T3rMiT3


    and some very bad played hands :)
  • Fistor


    yeehaw AK again, ipoker NL50, just what i need^^
  • NiekamNeidomu


  • Gerv


    #2 elaborate?

    Why do you play on fullring tables with only shortstackers :<?
  • mishkagg


    Lol that was fun to watch! SSS is scientifically proven :P

    I really enjoy your style, AK!
  • value2k


    nice one
  • LaZsu0330


    Yep, scientifically proven an profitable, but only if you follow all the requirements like "not more than 2 SSS players at the table.."
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    @#2 ??? :D

    @#8 in the optimal form...yes, but also profitable if some requirements are not matched ;)
  • mishuq


    nice vid!! thanks again
    p.s.: is it just me or is that bonus kinda crappy !?
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    @#11 is. You may compare the Merit Points 1:1 to Titan- or Mansionpoints and you have to earn 1000 of them to clear 10$ of the bonus...if I remember it right you just had to achieve 650 points at Mansionpoker to clear 10$.

    e.g. gotta play 66 10+1$ SnGs to earn 10$ Bonus which is a rakeback of about 15%. On Mansion I had to play just 43 which was a rakeback of 23%
  • harleytopper


    About read at 8:16

    I don't get purpose of this read. 99% of players will push this spot with AA. Especially SSS players.
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    @#12 this note says me that he doesn't slowplay AA against a raise :) thats the purpose
  • Gerv


    Mansion boosted their bonus from 650mcps to 1000 mcps so the same :<

    Luckily I dont see myself in the vid xD
  • mishuq


    luckily I don't play on Ipoker XD
  • ultimantorca


    How can u raise AJ from UTG? I thought u only raise AJ from Late??
  • zaplol


    HAHA! This video...was total... CHAOS! rofl. Don't take it the wrong way, I LOVED it. But dayyym, you were all over the place! Talking about hands as if they're on the screen when they're actually on an off screen, hahaha I lol'd! :D

    Gimme gimme more gimme more gimme gimme more!
  • Luxcz


    how can i change my member status?i cant watch whole video:/,only 4 mins
  • Tim64


    Great vid, especially how calm you are about losing 14 stacks - and another 2 while doing the vid...

    I play on Titan and recognised some players and table names - do all players on Ipoker n/wrk play on same tables? is that the point?

    You said "just stick to basic strategy" but then you raise AJ and AQs from ep - 'very naughty' of you - I'm always getting told off on the SSS sample hands board for doing this but then I don't know what I'm doing... ;0)

    More please!!
  • TomBlade


    habs net zuende geshen...ziehst du den spassakzent bis zum ende durch? :)
  • Heffron89


    love this video, when i tilt sometimes i watch this video and get happy again ;)
  • p0kerdragon1


    This is the second video I watch of SSS and sadly a waste of time. AK (with all respect)you just keep saying the whole video to play accordingly the SSS and doing something different. I just liked the way you played 88 but that was the normal play with such good odds, and hitting the flop was excellent for you. I think you can't just stick to the SSS. You have to weigh your opponents and read their patterns to make the best bet against them. I think this strategy works best against inexperienced players and winning some coin flips against good players.

  • AmazingAnthony


    Sure SSS is profitable, but to be honest, i just can say that the ipoker network is best way to loose much money with sss. tables are too tight and if u get into a big pot, u often will face a miracle runner runner straight, onecard flush and such grap. lost about 2k on nl50 loosing to many pots with my premium hands.
    Play on PS,FTP oder even Party....
  • kukkakeppi


    #22 agreed, if you could just play according to the chart one could just code a macro / program that could play for you while you're sleeping and you should be able to make profit (after 100k hands if that would work, it would be scientifically proved).
  • Jdz


    Thoroughly enjoyed the video and played a nice little session afterwards.

  • THeGaME23


    Nice video! I hate the look of that software though.
  • ajinz1


    #24 that's the point ,they want you to play a lot of hands and keep winning ,by not takin "risks" and avoiding marginal situations, so after 100k hands they'll get a lot of raked money and you'll get a little bit of profit. i think it's around 1bb/100 .. maybe.
  • TetraQuark


    in one part of the video, u have pocket 2s in sb... why didn t u opencomplet it with 2 limpers already in... u are getting good pot odds?
  • infected177


    I have a question in the minute 39:20 the when you call 1$ with 88 don't we consider a min raise as 2 limpers and here we go all-in before flop?
  • Razboynik02380


    Great video. Very entertaining. I like your nickname. We used to call AK Anna Kournikova, because it never wins lol.