HU SNG $200 Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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PokerStars Session Review

Comments (15)

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  • fishtoeat


    first(endlich ich einmal;))
  • christian88


    Haha wie geil, kommt mal HU SNG Content, dann nur für Diamond. Platin oder Gold hätte da auch wohl gereicht.
  • crizzla


    you should stop playing teacuppoker and psimalive if you want to be a winner at hu sngs.
    they play 200-500$ hu all day long.
  • JonathanLittle


    Yeah, I usually table select super well when I play heads up games. I basically just check out the lobby every time I log on to see if anyone is playing the bigger games that isnt good.
  • abakusschwarz


    very nice Vid, solid skill. Liked your thoughts about, "bluffinduce-->never fold"

    T5s at the end is an easy raise on the flop. Cause he is min 3betting you Preflop and with this polarised range he shoves everything (Gutshot+overcards, OESD, Flushdraw, Top pair, overpair) except 22-99 (does he minraise that?!). The ugly turns would also be ugly to get toppairs/overpairs AI.
    All in all very nice thoughts.
  • Nickexistiertbereits


    ´nice one
  • larry3d


    n1 mr hitbox ;)
  • deVall3y


    awesome 4 first minutes!! I wish I could watch the rest though
  • JonathanLittle


    I think on the T5s hand raising the flop is probably the best play, although I think he stacks off with random hands there from time to time if I just call whereas he might fold them if I raise. The call was basically to let him keep betting but the board ran off so bad that it made things tough. I do think I played that specific hand fairly bad though.
  • XpillepalleX


    at min 8:40 you say you 3-bet the pocket 55's with the intention to call a push. i don't see any reason to call the push. he has been kinda tight so far when you 3-bet and if he pushes i think there are just 2 options . either you're flippin' , or you're crushed....
    i think that'd be a horrible call. and in fact you're still both kinda deep

    or what's the range you're giving him?
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Only watched half the Vid but I lilke ur Idea of leading more often ;). Some spots like the 47 Spot I found very weak, he will bet that Flop with any Hand out of his Range appart from maybe Kx, so u must be fairly sure he's trapping preflop to fold this.
  • mnl1337


    very nice
  • carebax


    I'm guessing you should read it as "PS: I'm alive". :P
  • fun101rockets


    dammit i just lost my diamond status. whatever will be back soon
  • rafiuskas


    I don't like the first player call with K5o, even if you were pushing too much. I prefer calls with Ax or any pocket pair, or two cards J+.