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  • ethanrox


    lol :)
  • roswellx


    J6o > 77 was really good push. Unlucky that AK was busted :( WP.
  • barrelhead


    Entertaining video :-)

    Thanks. GJ
  • Dendra


    hmm, isnt pushing that often when there is 5 or so players left too risky? Q8 and such, you will too often get called by pocket pairs, QT, lots of hands - and then it turns into a coin flip.

    as for the three-way play, if you have a big stack and keep pushing with K2 then some shorter stack can get a chance to double up if he makes a loose call.

    as for heads-up, dont know if pushing with hands like A3o so early is good? because it feels like you just want to rush in with almost any hand like that and then it's kinda gambling - isnt there a way to minimize the gambling and play it more safe?

    i mean if you have a big or an even stack, there is no need to risk anything, especially if the blinds are still small (anything below 1k/2k is small imo and doesnt force you to push that much :D)

    -that's pretty much the main thing troubling me in this video - pushing that much and putting yourself in risky situations, and those "marginal" calls with Q8 or something, in my eyes that always looked like thrash hand and too risky to make calls - guess that explains why I'm a fish :)

  • z4tz


    Limping KTs there is a leak i would say ^^
  • Heffron89


    Nice a new SnG video :) gonna watch this will bne interenetsting
  • Bubalus


    Enjoyed it:) My ICM play compared to this video is really bad.
  • yaxkukmian


    It's very unusual to see Tribun playing $1 SNG. When I first read it I was wondering whether there is some new April Fools :D

    The way Tribun pushed here was most of the time correct play. Blinds are going up and you can't wait on super hands. In the beginning it's weird pushing Q8s,78s,...but when you see your results are improving you understand why.

    If somebody calls your K2 you usually have few outs but most of the time shortstacks on lower limits just wait until one of them is gone - putting pressure is important.

    HU..when you have 10k chips and blinds are 1/2k, how can you play? You have just 5bb left, No time for waiting, it's time for pushing...

    Download icm and practice, practice practice.

    4:06 is just hilarious, happens all the time... Do some more micro sngs Tribun. Tnx for this video, love your comments :)
  • alejandrosh


    nice, tribun on sng's.

    min 17 you missed an odds call therewith 63s, didn't you? :D

    @dendra: actually taking so many pots without showdown, even without seeing flops is a way to minimize the risk of losing money. you can't get sucked out if you win without seeing a showdown it's quite important to know about ICM and push/fold to play sng's
  • EyeContact2


    Why does a high rake make it hard to beat these SNG's?
  • yaxkukmian


    Because poker includes "luck factor" - don't know the exact min (top right table) but I remember Tribun pushed AK and got called by AJ and KQ...AJ winning in the end. That's poker.

    Other than that he doubled up quickly and dominated the tables.
  • ethanrox



    Because if everybody plays the same - in the long run everybody's expectation is -20% ReturnOnInvestment - since the rake is 20%.
    So in order to win you have to have at least 20% edge, while if the rake is say 8% you are making profit even if you have 10% edge.
  • steIIstuI


    low limits are full of Calling stations
  • RacoonCity


    Thanks for the teaching material but there is no gap concept whatsoever???? I dont mind raising with crapy hands to steal especially in the buble when in position or with a big stack but u cant just keep calling raises and allins whit any hand form any position and hope to win!!!
  • EyeContact2


    @ ethanrox, Thanks for your answer, would you then recommend playing 5c/10c over $1 SnG for a beginner?
  • ethanrox


    I will recommend you to learn the SSS game. Build a 200-300$ BR and then move to 5+0.5 or 6+0.6 SnG( you might test the waters at the level of 2+0.25 or 3+...dunno the Stars rake on the 3s :) Aggressive BRM is better since your bankroll is small. It is one of Mike Caro's tips which I find to be very true.
  • AussieIan


    at 22:10 you fold from the button when there is no SB and BB has less than 1BB behind..shouldn't you be putting him all in?
  • MaCe90


    At 12:03 . Is A8 suited a fold in the CO seat at the BR ? I think I would have raise it to 500, easy steal attempt considering the stacks and all.
  • Rubonz


    nice video
  • Sinnology


    this is nice video that puts in practice pretty much everyting that I saw on ICM and read in manuals.
    Also showed me how to be agressive, since I am more limper than agressive and do lost of checking instead of fold and bet.
    Will watch this video few more times for sure.

  • lessthanthreee


    damn you run good.

    nice vid
  • Raiozo


    nice vid
  • pdfbq


    Yup, entertaining. tnx!
  • antonin87

    #24 new to this site and i want to improve my play so its great to be there..
    i have a qouestion to this video and to push and fold charts
    i have seen that when you are chip leader near the payouts or on payout you are actually with nearly everytime going all in no matter what the charts are far as i understand them its profitable to bet only the exact amount of BB. i understandt the you want to make a pressure on other players but its a bit sick to always go all in..
  • Hahaownedlolz


    very good vid. But the players seem VERY fishy.

    Pushing all in on the flop with a high card? wtf?

    I haven't played st sng on stars for a while but i really dont remember them having so many horrible players.

    last time i checked pokerstars didn't have any turbo single table sng eithe :( it really looks easy to win if you know ICM and abuse the shit out of them.
  • gedwashere91


    Its so true though, the $1 SnG's on PartyPoker are RIDICULOUSLY fishy... like... people pushing J2o with 20bb left.... Bizarre.
  • woopstash


    Zero postflop play whatsoever... how on earth did he win so many flips?
  • Bubalus


    Great pushes for sure:) Btw the rake here is 25% (0.2/0.8).
  • GrekIn


    Доезжает ппц.А так всё по стратегии.
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!