NL $10 FR Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Fullring
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Session Review

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  • Carsten77777


  • Th0m4sBC


    Love it. This is..."Hasenbraten"... wie geil muss sich das für den englischsprachigen Community-Member anhören? :D
  • WaldiChecker


    @ 2

    haha is wirklich geil^^
  • fakmaster


    lolZ? wie er die stats erklärt lauter hakenkreuz chips am tisch ^^
  • JuiceQuadre


    Again nice video. Seen all your bronze video now. Im gonna watch them again ofc. Im big fun of them =)
  • Tala2xlc


    gibt es eine englische übersetzung für hasenbraten
  • Mueslirocker


    @5 roast hare
  • budzior


    hasen, great video like always. its nice that you do it with stats.
  • kingdippy2008


    nice vid hasen, ive gotta work on my FR play ;) - SH is way better :P

    Oh and yes doing it with stats is always very helpful :)
  • hoff09


    burnedbunny ;-)
  • Noonien


    @4 : Das gleiche dacht ich auch :)
    Leider fand ichs etwas wenig knifflige Szenen, eigentlich alles Standard gewesen .
  • rickydaprince


    nice video. I agree... the stats analysis is very useful.
  • stiansk


    Great session,
  • shinersm


    why i can see only 4 mins of any movie ?
  • atcdream


    I loved the QQ at 25 min.

    Very nice video ! Bye from france ;)
  • Binadas


    min 25 QQ, waere nicht bet/fold auch ne sinnige line fuer den turn? cb turn c/f river kommt mir irgendwie ein bisschen weak vor, oder?
  • VitorNutzz


    Very nice video!!
    Thanks from Brazil!!
  • THeGaME23


    What program generates those stats?
  • stevegold87


    lol @ 24 suited
  • Tonyskacro


    Great video
  • woopstash


    Awesome video. Glad to see a video with some focus on stats as I use them myself but am still figuring out how to really make sense of it all.
  • acceleration123


    Hi Hasenbraten.
    I have a question on hand 18:20 with QQ against the shortstack. Not taking into consideration the actual result of the hand, why don´t you 3bet him larger preflop to get him AI right there ? I mean, against his 5% PFR range you don´t really want to put your money in on an Ace or King high flop do you ? (again not taking into consid. his actual holding which obv. doesn´t make any sense)
  • nemiren


    I would like to live in Austria as well. Such a great country with a rich history. And people that i respect so much, Zweig, Mahler, Karl Schlechter.. A shame i am poor and never even visited Wien. ;(