SnG $12 FR Live Video

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FullTilt Live Video

Comments (18)

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  • zamoda


    Nice desktop :-)
  • barrelhead


    Nice video. Please, do more of them. You're good at it :-)
  • T3rMiT3


    good one....
  • frzl


    nice vid :)
    table talk was awesome and it´s incredible how bad some of the players were... the AJ vs. QJ hand was nuts -.-

    good explanations all the way as usual. i would have instantly pushed the 72o hand at 33min but i think you are right and a fold is better. he needs to call like 46% to make it -EV and i can see him doing this...

    last but not least i have to say that i would fold the A4o at the end. of course the chance is small but 1 out of xxx times the BB will wake up with a hand, call and get sucked out -> second place for you. definately very unlikely but i don´t think that it´s a good thing to say "fuck it; i´m fucked anyway" in poker :D. think positive ;)

    5/5 anyway of course :)
  • ethanrox


    You are so owned by the guys in this limit, I hope you are not forced to play the 12s seriously( maybe with RB you can profit though )

    So finally truth be said - nice vid Unam, like always.
  • budzior


    Unam you cant play Kings! You know that:)
  • aeniman


    I had the same wallpaper once, but unfortunately it didn't help ;).

    Great video, please do more of them, you're really good at it.
  • SuperTadas


    Great video I liked your jokes :) and of course your play
  • foxz0r


    Nice video! I liked it.. keep posting :)
  • lessthanthreee


    great video unam.

    What are u using to fold without clicking the button and raising 2.5bb ? program or script or binds? can u tell me how? thanks!
  • DanDule


    Good video! Unlucky session though! :\
  • Tim64


    wicked vid. what you said about BR and huge swings is a little frightening, but i guess it needs to be said.
  • Nagger82


    On the bottom left table you fold AJ from MP1. Correct play regarding the SH chart, but you mucked your hand without comment. Is it such an obvious play ? You just won a nice pot and may have some extra FE ? Or am I donktalking ?
    Grts Nagger
  • Nagger82


    You were MP2 actually (1 players busted) , around 9:50
  • deco99


    when u were defending blinds w ATo he timed out on flop and turn and u could easy take that pot w any raise if im right :)
  • deco99


    good vid :) many interesting situations
  • fryandspicy


    I had lots of fun and learnt something. Thank you unam.
  • catchEYE


    hmm... don`t like your openlimp with 22.. wouldn`t it be better to raise/ fold it for 2,5bb?