NL $50 FR Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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FullTilt Session Review

Comments (18)

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  • TheBrood


    Deepest voice ever, reminds me of Schwarzenegger. You should have said "I'll be back" or something at the end lol

    This video was great for me, because I sometimes have trouble knowing:
    - When to cbet
    - How to play pp utg
    - How to defend blinds with Ax
    - When to float

    Quote of the video: "OMG!" XDDD
  • TheBrood


    Forgot to add that volume was too low
  • syphonp


    LOL @ TheBrood yeah he does sound a bit like arnie
    Good video ge5sterne looking forward to more
  • MatiKosa


    Try to be a bit faster and to analyze more hands in a video. The rest was OK and I like it :)
  • T3rMiT3


    nice video...thx :)
  • excelgeo


    he has a tell
  • HannesNL


    yeah, try to talk faster and get faster through the hands.

  • 13bane


    Great Video! I like your analisys. Thanks, looking forward for more, NL25 FR maybe? Best regards
  • fun101rockets


    yeah i am platinum but review of the standard spots is still good. i would like to see how you face raises from other fullstacks with hands like QQ and AK.
  • pocketrockits


    yeah great video but as number 9 said, you werent really challenged in any of these spots.
  • willben


    nice video... congrats ge5sterne
  • BoyRobot777


    good video, and do put standart spots. Cuz most of the videos exclude them :) its good to know which hands are playable...
  • AthleticAZ


    I really liked your video. Could be a little bit louder.
    I like the way it is slow ... easier for rookies to understand ... i think.
    Reminds me good old saying - "Walk before you run, crawl before you walk."
    P.S. Or I'm just too slow :)
  • fafser


    where do i find the same table/cards mods? love 'em!

    good coaching btw
  • golicowcy


    good video.
  • msampi


    Sinceramente no me gustó el video. Dediquen 46 minutos para ver otro.
  • Fagin


    Good video - always useful to review "standard" spots. I would be interested in seeing how you approach some more interesting situations - OOP c-bets that get called etc..
  • acceleration123


    Your´s videos are the nuts. I like them very much, esp the deep in thinking process you analyze every hand with. So ye, I like the slowmotion. Make more videeeos from such stakes.