NL $25 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

Comments (10)

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  • T3rMiT3


    very nice video ... keep up the good work... thx
  • syphonp


    Good video always, cheers hasenbraten
  • martin2506


    Great video, very useful things you explained in here :)
  • darko163


    again a nice video, thanks!
  • trytowin88


    more flops next time pls^^ maybe longer session and more skip but always bet preflop fold fold fold ... its quite borring
  • naikaz


    it is boring.. very tight play.. I want loose agressive play at video;]
  • zekameka


  • ChA0seR


    nice job
  • AugustusCaesar


    I wonder if you could show how to play again LaGs and maniac on bwin or everest please
  • AthleticAZ


    Hi hasenbraten,
    About action on the flop. I'm trying to work on my c-bets lately. so ...

    Wouldn't it be better to check behind on the flop @09:15 with KTs on a draw heavy board 985s . First of all, what can we possibly represent without a pocket pair? I see that opponent has pretty tigtish stats and he could have two overs, but more often pocket pairs i think, imho.
    So only question for me would be, is he folding 77,66,44,33,22 - and i don't have any info about that.
    Hmmm .. so my questions basically are, what is the reason to c-bet? What is your goal on the flop? What is the line? Can you win if you bet on the flop?