MTT $24 Final Table Session Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $26
  • Fullring
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final table FullTilt Session Review

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  • flamtom


  • fishy83


  • miskokvo


    1. i dont like your minraises... maybe good for this final table(very bad players-//too tight\\) but with some better players you get only into problems with kinda play ... i dont think it is ok to teach silver players this... but maybe it is just diferent mtt aproach or diferent thinking of play as mine

    2. A4off UTG steal against shortstack who have 1BB ... bad play imo .. he is commitent and you just destroyed your image... 99% of time SB will push into him .. yes you had A4 vs J4 domination but anyway i think it was bad steal coz your fold equity was 0% so it was no steal at all

    3. 82off .. you destroyed your stealing options against his compleets ..but you can use it as trap

    i dont think this is right play to beat those 24$ sngs ... maybe right play on this table... but that is just my opinion

    anyway good vid

  • alejandrosh


    A4o seems rather standard to me, ahead against random hand and the other guys won't go nuts with the ultrashort against the bigstack.

    and opening A4 4 handed is not a image destroyer imo.
  • RacoonCity


    Nice solid play. Miniraising is generally not advised as u give good pot odds to the other players and U invite them to come over the top for a re-steal, but it was appropriate on this table as players were very tight and took your miniraises for u holding strong hands, while in fact u were miniraising with not so good hands and betting strong with your good hands! Putting a short stack player in the BB with A4o was correct but shoving with 44 in the SB facing the BB was way too risky when a 3 times bet would have done the job without risking all your chips. Congratulations for your well deserved win!
  • miskokvo


    hmm tryed those min raises for 3 days now and they worked out pretty well against tight players ... but im raising 2,5BB not 2,1-2 etc
  • murderdrug


    sweet video !
    which pokerapplication do u use ?
  • steIIstuI


    i don't think you have the same fold equity from normal stacks as if you would make it to 3 BB.
  • sabo999


    Cool Vid - Some Good Tips/Plays
  • chillbills


    what software is that? PM me please
  • lessthanthreee


    great video Tribun! nice suckout at the end :P
  • Bedoze


    Nice vid! Enjoyed all the post flop play and the mini-raises in the final table are fine but not during the torney imo.
  • lindsay1302


    lol the part of "stupid is not 400 is 600" hahahaa
  • madein1984


    nice vid
    the 87o hand where you folded, it should be a push (as well as 87s later). The J3o hand with the delay you maybe thought about pushing. Against a regular thinking player it's a push, because the passive bb very often folds and the Button doesnt want to bust before.
    I think you were a little too passive in the bb against the passive player. If you bet more preflop and on the flop, you would have gotten some walks later probably.
    Apart from that, I liked the vid!
  • viseu1


    I would like to play like you! ;)
  • AcesBreaker


    heeey why I cannot show this video ? Im a silver member and a can watch 4 minutes
  • Parasites


    @ #14 Use other browser.
  • dianacornelisse


    Nou vind hem echt slecht spelen hier en 5 keer AA 3handed kort achter elkaar kom op. Hij is zelf zo weak en postflop waardeloos hier !
    En vanuit SB hij heeft geluk dat zijn tegenstanders zelf ook waardeloos zijn en dat op $24+2.

    Vond dat hij 3de had moeten worden het is dat hij toen ineens vet geluk had. Passive guy
  • wwwasea


    you had enourmous luck.
    You had only one bad beat, and got the Aces Kings and Quens many times...
  • alexabb


    nice video.
  • Leito99


    nice suckout with aces :p
  • eltivo


    Well, you had aces a couple of times, kings as well, your steals were working great, got lucky hitting runner runner yeah, it is not strange that you won. Nice play though!
  • L3ST


    Are you using Elephant in the video? I have no luck with in in the SNG's, it just doesn't register my hands.
  • SniffvsSnaf


    So you dont think a higer raise like 3,0 for a stealraise brings a higher foldequity, that makes this raisesize not so bad like its looking?
  • palaidnis


    Realy nice video! Thanks for some good situation opinions.
  • Lamapalooza


    Tjah, ik ga akkoord dat het wel dikke luck was, maar dat kan toch met iedereen gebeuren? Waarom zou je er dan geen gebruik van maken?
    Maar inderdaad, derde zou rechtvaardiger geweest zijn. Alhoewel rechtvaardigheid in poker volgens mij heel zeldzaam is.
  • Lamapalooza


    Behalve dat vind ik het wel goed gespeeld, de tight villain lekker uitbuiten ed.
    Good vid!
  • Botis111


    really helped me, thank you nice vid
  • usun


    #18: it's a holdem manager
  • Jehudas


    I dont really like this vid - i like the ideas about the min raising plus "a lil' extra" but besides that you just luckboxed this tourney (like 3 x AA on FT and then hitting one card flush on river against straight AI preflop).
    And you missed to bet in many good spots...
  • Saren113


    2.5 bb raises are fine in late stages, we are risking alot less. And we got the same FE. And in the lower stakes people are alot more tighter then the should be.