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  • hotnix


    luckbox :P
    kinda bit too loose in the late game
  • aciddrop


    @ #1
    I think the point of the vid is that you need to be looser in the late game. Monster hands come along very rarely, unless you play hard, you will bleed chips, and your monsters will get no respect when/if you actually get one.

    Nose, when you pushed over Cubits 2.5BB raise from CO or BU holding A7o in the blind, I thought you could fold that one. You had already pegged him as a reg, and he had less than 10BB, so his move smelt like something better than yours. The result cripples you.
  • 4klovepoker


    enjoyed as always nose,variance is huge though
  • MikaKoivisto


    I think at 28:30 you made a mistake to push with AQ when another big stack committed himself by pushing almost a half of his stack and there were three short stacks around. You don't want to be flipping here and there is no fold equity. Too lazy to do the calculations but I think ICM wise you need a pretty big pair here, even AK is a fold.
  • MikaKoivisto


    That A7 is IMO an easy push HU. It's a little results oriented thinking to say it could have been a fold. Yes, he may be trapping, but he might not.
  • Mig10


    nice vid.
    one thing i really dont like is to waste chips by calling in SB .. why ,,?
    with bad players, they will probably raise you, and with regs players they'll probably shove their chips..
    but the other things, was pretty good.

  • lessthanthreee


    one of ur best sessions nose,

    i didnt like the 3bb 'odds call' in the SB on the upper left table on the bubble.

    the other SS was in the BB the very next hand and would have had less chips than you, i much prefer pushing a wide range next orbit + the chance of getting a good hand than calling for odds on the bubble.

    nice play sir :)
  • ritschy22


    #4 i think so too because the bigstack is saying with such a high bet that he can´t fold here against your push. mostly i have seen this with very strong hands.

    -->Any other opinions Nose or anyone else?
  • Nagger82


    Hi The Nose,
    I have a question concerning the HU play shortstacked (end of video). You almost push any two cards from the Button while you fold a smaller range of cards in the big blind.
    Can you explain ? Most of the time i'm more LAG when i have invested the BB and I am more TAG when I'm in the small blind
    Greets Nagger
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!