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  • RacoonCity


    Some solid play U develop here. It looks like U r too easily intimidated with raises from other players, as if U arent aware of how loose they are, and then U get into a situation where U have to get very lose to catch up.

    Folding A10s from a middle position with already a limper was too tight, wile going allin with J10o facing 3 other players and not being in the bubble is questionable. BTW, U can still call an allin with 77 depending on your stack: big or low, how tighht or loose your opponent is, and the stage of the tournement U r in. Anyway, folding 77 to a raise and calling an allin with A7o a few hands after, was quiet odd, as in both cases U were technically short stack! last but not least, folding your hand to a very short stack player in the BB when U already have invested some money being in the SB and the other remaining player flat called, was hilarious!!!!
  • freakyphil


    Good video, nice reasoning and fun comments! Keep it coming..

    #1, RacoonCity. Why was it hilarious to fold at that last spot? With a monster hand BU should just flatcall and await the inevitable shove from the shortstack. Investing more chips is therefor not a wise decision when BU has you covered. Peace out (:
  • LukeyLove


    Nice video guys, interesting and you guys seem fun - keep up the good work!
  • steIIstuI


    is steineks name Julian ?
  • Y0d4


    #4 how come you ask that? no it isn't julian :)
  • m4rkus23


    best vid i`ve seen until now. thx guys
  • bigdwong


    good video guys keep em coming
  • AceGaylord


    Guys, plz turn up the volume when you'r recording....

    Loved the video though - Tnx!
  • MaCe90


    Great video! Wouldn't have played it differently except that one spot in the beginning at 15/30 blind when you folded Ad10d in MP with a limper in front of you. Anyways...I'd like more and more 3.40$ videos because those are the limits most of us afford to play.
  • Rubonz


    Volume was ok for me, nice vid.
  • mistaCrono


    Thanks man, you've been in very big help! I am very grateful for this video.
  • derboman


    I love the freundschaft between the two.
  • Sinnology


    Good video to watach, and you too guys were funny to listen, so it was pretty plesent experinace.

    #4, I think he said its Konrad, bur I am not sure
  • gedwashere91


    I have a question:
    You open raise AQo in UTG+1 at about 18:30 which you say is standard, but at an earlier point in the video you fold ATs from MP3 when it folds around to you.
    Isn't your equity better from MP3 with ATs than it is with AQo UTG? (I just put this in equilator...)
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • martoman2k10


    if only every sng vid was like this haha, pretty funny. And useful of course :)
  • s0cru3l


    I love your style, it was funny and educational.
  • sidderaal


    your foresight was impressive: Babilonio did kick you out although your hand was not that big as you told it would be!!!!!!
    You told it would have been nice to play 7 7 against that guy with the 3 3, but that it would not have been a dream anymore after he hit his 3. But there was a 7 on the board. it still would have been a dream!!!! I really liked the way you were interacting. Very nice to watch and hear.


    not the best video at all