SnG $315 FR Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $335
  • Fullring
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PokerStars Session Review

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  • ChrisTuff


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen!
  • OIB


    1 but iam only Silver but nice first 4 min
  • 27os


    16:50 u call with TT and 24:19 u call with AJo:
    at best u get coinflips in those spots.
    pretty lose, isnt it?
  • JonathanLittle


    With the TT, he will almost certainly be pushing most all pairs, big cards and maybe even suited connectors, making it a pretty clear call. As for the AJ, out opponent is short stacked (5bbs) and will be pushing a fairly wide range.
  • Dibs2


    I don't understand, according to the SnG articles, you shouldn't call A2... Because of the fact that even if you do hit the A, your 2 is a very low kicker. Which you displayed on your first hand I believe.
  • JonathanLittle


    When you raise hands like this, you are basically doing it as a small bluff, not on your hands value. It is nice to have some back up plans, but you arent really counting on flopping tpbk and stacking off.
  • Anssi


    44; I wonder if you are really going to stack someone if you hit the set. It's not like these guys are idiots so they won't go broke with random top pair. Of course you still call with 44 because the odds are so nice.

    TT, the call is good but I don't really like to "just ship it" with large PPs like you say.

    K4 on Big Blind, I guess you have enough equity if he is pushing 100%, but don't really like the call because there is also ICM to take into account.

    Why would you ever raise the 55 there? Shortstack have shown strenght, you are not even 50% against his range and the "idiot" can very well wake up with QQ+, because that's exactly what his raise looks like.

    I think you can call with J6o there, because his range is really wide IMO as this is the last hand where he may have some fold equity.

    I liked your Q9 call.

    Remember, the people who can watch these videos pay at least 2k in rake/month, so feel free to bring up all intresting advanced concepts too.

    (I agreed with most things you said, just don't think I need to point them all out :P)
  • Kamikaze001


    in 14:46 you are talking about a hand when a guy in mp iso-raises an early pos. limper. in the end you say you would hate this raise if both of them were about 25bb deep.
    so would you play your hand in a 25bb deep situation differently...raise bigger/smaller?

    all in all very nice, i like your vids!